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Any answer for Tinnitus or Restless Leg Syndrome?
6 Replies
kvc33 - May 29

HI guys, I have been on an allergen-free diet for 5 months and have seen only a couple of small changes. I no longer have to take drugs in order to get to sleep and I don't have to go to the bathroom as often. However, I haven't seen changes I thought I would such as more energy and a decrease in the tinnitus and RLS. The tinnitus doesn't bother me much but it would be a wonderful sign to see it go. I have been taking a drug that was very bad for me during most of this 5 months with the diet so I think that perhaps I have not seen the changes that I otherwise would have. I have stopped taking the drug and am going through severe withdrawal but it is the only way. The drug causes severe panic attacks so I had to quit cold turkey. I can't say that my pain has decreased either, nor has the muscle weakness. Just what can I expect from going gluten, dairy and sugar free?


Pikespeak - May 30

I would also like to know how to get rid of the tinnitus....I think the onset was with my first flare almost a year ago.


kvc33 - May 30

Gingko Biloba works for some people. It increases circulation to the ear. It made mine worse however. There is a product called Tinnitus Relief Formula that contains it and a few other things. If you google it you will find a website all about it. My Mom gave up sugar for two years in order to get relief. Don't know if it will ever work for me.


dbc68 - May 30

Oxycontin only gave me restless legs. As soon as I stopped taking it that particular problem went away. It did not do a thing for the pain anyway. Flexeril caused tinnitus.


January - May 31

Hi kvc. Gluten, dairy and sugar is a lot to stop at once! Stopping gluten helped me a lot - it took a year to really kick in and that was when I noticed my pain was lessened. I still have my back pain - but that's due to injuries, and now have developed joint pain. But the overall body ache fibro pain is gone. My migraines are gone. Depression is gone. Plus my blood work improved in so many areas! Inflammation markers, blood sugar and cholesterol all normalized.

I also stopped taking antidepressants, cold turkey, after I went gluten free - withdrawal was murder. I didn't realize it was withdrawal - I just thought I was really sick and didn't know why. The drs. say the drugs will be out of your system in a week or two - ha! I think it took well over a year for me to stop feeling dizzy, panicky, tense, painful, spacey, etc. I still have these problems but to a very minor degree compared to what they were on the meds. I've been off them for 4 years. For me, they were very bad. I address the severe back pain with generic pain meds - no side effects, for me.

Interesting that you have seem some improvement in a couple areas on the diet though.

The peoplespharmacy website has the strangest "cure" for restless legs. Many people swear by it - put a bar of soap in your bed under the sheets. Google it and see what kind of soap they recommend, I am thinking it is Dial… You can find it under their Natural Cures section. Weird! : )


kvc33 - May 31

Thanks, January. I've tried the soap cure in the past, even rubbed it all over my legs and it did nothing. I agree about the drug withdrawal. I'm still having panic attacks with it even though it's been over three weeks, and my memory is still very bad as is the depersonalization. It took my Mom two months to withdraw from tranquilizers cold turkey. Every body keeps asking if there is something I can do to speed up the withdrawal or something I can take which I find funny because I'm trying to get off all meds and if the withdrawal went any faster I'd been in the mental hospital.


January - June 1

kvc, I hear you! It is really maddening to go through those withdrawals. It does get better as time goes by, though it seemed like I had little "flare ups" when the symptoms got worse. No dr. ever mentioned that might be my problem. I was not a happy camper sometimes. Much happier camper now...

Curious about the soap! So many people wrote in to say it worked for them. Maybe just a great example of placebo effect…?



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