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Any 20-30 yr fibromyalgia patients out there?
20 Replies
Sima - August 25

I've noticed that most of the women on the forums here are in their mid 40s to 50s. I am 25 and am wondering if there are any other younger women who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I haven't had any major accident, it just sort of crept up on me and has been getting worse, despite what I hear about it being a non-progressive syndrome. For the last several years, the pain has been getting more widespread and intense, and like many FM sufferers, I've been trying all kinds of meds, therapy and so on. Kindly share your stories. I'm sorry that you have it, but it'd be nice not to feel singled-out! Thanks.


layla - August 14

hi sima. I answered you on your other post too. I am also younger & wasn't in any major accident, it crept up on me too. the weird symptoms started in my mid 20's & just got worse. Now I'm 30 & its been over 5 years. you are lucky in a way that they have told you what is going on with you. It took 3 years & every test (MRI, CT SCAN, unlrasounds, allergy & bloodtests etc...) imaginable for them to finally tell me I had fibro & myofascial pain syndrome. not knowing was the worst part, I thought they were missing something, because they kept saying all the tests were normal & couldn't find anything wrong. I knew something was VERY wrong since my life had turned into a living hell. I've had so many different & painful symptoms its insane. they say fibro is the great imitator, it mimicks many serious diseases. continued......


layla - August 14

I TOTALLY understand your inner battle about taking time off work. I also worked hard to get where I am as a woman in the Finance Industry. I didn't want to admit something was wrong with me & look weak or feel embarrassed taking time off since I wasn't dying & I'm still young & LOOK fine..... all those feelings you're probably feeling. like I said in my other reply to you, Ive been off for about 6 months now. I actually feel alot better & I didn't think that was possible. sounds like your job has a lot of stress & pressures. mine did too. I really am starting to believe that this can contribute to FM. depending on how sensitive-natured you are that can cause alot of trouble. like I said I've read alot of books lately & done tons of research. knowledge is power. I spent so many years worried & freaked out that now I am focused on getting well. you will hear a lot out here from women saying "there is no cure..... learn to live with it...." I myself do not accept that. there is a ton of literature out there & the medical community is getting better & better. I've entered therapy to try to unravel why this illness may have started. apparently its very common among the people pleasers & extra sensitives. thats me! continued....


layla - August 14

whew! long post....anyway I'm learning to express myself more & not hold everything in & damned if I'm not feeling better physically. I've also had all sorts of physical therapy & tried all sorts of pills. I've stopped all that now & am feeling better than I did when I was on them. I think that fibro can start from an accident (trauma) from being abused/molested (trauma) from long-standing depression (trauma) from extreme stress (trauma). some of us are extremely sensitive! some people out here will get angry with that statement but that's how I FEEL, sorry..... and since I've stopped giving my bodily symptoms ALL my attention & tons &tons of power they are weakening day by day. I think it may be harder & take much longer to accomplish this when you've had it for 20 years & its deeply entrenched in your personality & your life. we are still so young (and hopeful) & I believe we can turn this thing around. I know that cause I feel it happening. if you want to keep in touch I'll come back to this link to see how you're doing. take care :) layla


Marie - August 14

thanks for taking the time to write this long post. I am 27 & have FM. you made me feel a little less helpless/hopeless today. I think you may be right, my doctor keeps saying you will always be this way, thats probably true if I believe what he says. what kinds of things are you reading or doing to feel better?


jessica - August 15

I have heard about mindbody syndromes too. there is this book this guy at my work is reading called mind divided or divided mind. there are alot of posts here asking about this symtpom or that, he knows I have fibro and says that all the symptoms are all the same but coming in different forms. burning, tingling, pain, insommnia, anxiety, tremors etc... he's going to borrow it to me when he's done reading it. I'll let you guys know what I learn. i've googled words like mindbody, pain & fibromyalgia together and alot comes up. it certainly can't hurt to have an open mind!


mandy - August 15

you guys make me feel like there's hope! I'm gonna look for that book and online for some answers. my doctor says I have to learn to live with this too, but I'm only 23. thankyou thankyou thankyou for this.


jane - August 15

I think its really important to mention here that "mindbody" DOES NOT MEAN its all in your head!!! the reverse is true. its actually your mind using your body & creating symptoms. the symptoms are VERY REAL (as we all know...) I think this is why people are so dismissive of this and become hostile. enough people already think fibro isn't a valid illness. saying that its mind-related is just another slap in the face. its very important to understand that is NOT what it means. the symptoms and suffering are SO very real. I should know, I've had fibro for years now. sensitive types can only take so much stress until a threshold is reached and symptoms start to spill over. sometimes this comes after a viral infection, car accident, divorce, death, work stressors, etc... its different for everyone. I have read The Divided Mind. its amazing and says that all sorts of illnesses are caused this way, like GERD, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, this list goes on. I tried to reccomended a different book here a few months ago and was torn apart for it. I can say that FOR ME it has helped. I am slowly getting better. I also read Freedom from Fibromyalgia which was along the same lines. this is highly advanced medicine. the idea that our mind and body are separate is pretty silly if you think about it. ie... imagine yourself cutting into a big ripe yellow lemon. cut yourself a huge wedge and place it in your mouth, bite into it (in your mind's eye).... is your mouth watering a bit? I rest my case. this is great communication! I'm so glad to see some of the posts evolving. things seem freer on this forum, just take what you like and leave the rest...


julie - August 15

hi I'm 29 and also have CMP & FM. life is shit right now. thanks for the info. I'll check it out, I'll try anything at this point!


stacey - August 15

this is so weird, my husband just got that book as a present from his dad. now I am reading it for sure! I have chronic myofascial pain syndrome. its awful. I hope to have some success to report back later too! thanks :)


julie - August 16

just got the book today. looks very interesting as I skim over it. I'll be back when I'm done to let you guys in on what I thought. take it easy y'all! peace.


marlie - August 17

wow, what a great thread! I'm so happy to hear all this good news!


nardwar - August 18

SOMATIZATION DISORDER: the patient has symptoms rather than fear of a particular illness. stress, depression and anxiety converted into physical symptoms that have little or no organic basis. however these symptoms are real and not imagined. this can last for many years and come in many forms and rarely disappear completely without psychotherapy.


Sima - August 20

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post, especially Layla for her extensive reply. It took the doctors a while for them to give me a name for it too. I had been having this "mysterious" pains for a few years before one neurologist called it fibromyalgia. I wasn't sure whether I was satisfied or not given the controversy surrounding this diagnosis. There is a certain comfort in belonging though. Still, it drives me crazy when I'm told to learn to live with it. How can anyone learn to live with it? At 25, am I really expected to have this for the rest of my life and really expected to put up with it? Don't they realize that's such an insensitive thing to say. They have no idea the courage and the strength it takes to stand up everyday feeling miserable and being in tremendous pain... but "learn to live with it". Sigh. I can't say I'm always feeling this secure about it. Many times I try to convince myself that maybe I do just have to live with it. What to do...


jessica - August 20

hi sima, you say what to do? reading one of the books these extensive posts mentioned is a good start! no?


Sima - August 20

Hi Jessica, I recently got a book called "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Guide". I do what we all do... read, try to understand, etc. It's what we should do! :)


Lisa - August 20

Hi Sima, this is just my opinion but that Fibro Survival Guide book is not the best. It really just tells you more about how to survive (like you said, learn to live with it) I hope you didn't buy it. I just borrowed it from the library. I would reccommend Freedom From Fibromyalgia by Nancy Selfridge. Its really good, shes a doctor and has rid herself of fibro. Its very common sense and not so doom and gloom. hope this finds you well, regards, Lisa.



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