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anxiety getting worse
4 Replies
kiwiang - January 13

hi all,

I am not sure if I am to start this new thread or just post to my orginal thread? so can someone advise me please .....
just an update to my first post a few weeks ago, I saw my md last week and again all RA tests,muscle tests etc have come back clear,at the time of seeing her my arm/hand/finger and occasional other pains were quiet intense,she has put me back on 10mg lexapro and 12.5mg of endep for sleep if needed....(when I was on lexapro last year I had nearly no pain it only returned 6 weeks after i went of lexapro in november 2010)and again my symptoms after only 1 week seem to be improving,but I feel since having a panic attack in december whilst trying cymbalta that my anxiety is worse than it has ever been, should I up the lexapro (is 10mg enough to be of big benefit?) I also take half (1mg)diazapam if needed to take the edge of....I dont want anxiety I hate it and it takes over my life ....I need to be able to leave the house (with 3 kids I have to).....
I am also having more b12 to deal with the tiredness which really helps....
any advice is appreciated as always, sorry if I still sound all over the place but still trying to grasp all that is happening to me with fms...
ang :)


kvc33 - January 13

I think you need to determine where your anxiety is coming from. If you think that the cymbalta made it worse then I would talk to the doc about getting off of it or did you already? It takes time for the body to adjust to a medication whether you are just starting it or getting off of it. If you think that pain is what is causing your anxiety then you need to address that. Short walks and deep breathing exercises can really help to deal with it. No caffeine for you either.


kiwiang - January 13

hi kvc33
cymbalta gave me a panic attack like I have never had ever, I went of it after 3 weeks as I was so ill on it with nearly all listed side effects, I am back on lexapro its been 1 week so I was wondering is it start up heightened anxiety....? as I have said last time on lexapro I had nearly no fibro pain or other symptoms(but my gp was certain ALL my ails were anxiety and fibro did not exist)so anxiety under control I went of lexapro...6 weeks later ALL ails back...


Fantod - January 13

Unfortunately, anxiety is one of the many "perks' Of Fibromyalgia (FMS). It affects all of us differently. I have been subject to panic attacks in the past and still have to watch my stress level very carefully. I think that you should consider seeing a counselor to help you learn some tools to deal with them and your illness in general. That was very benefical for me.

It also doesn't help that your GP is not supportive and thinks that FMS is all anxiety driven. I realize that your health care system limits your options. Can you get a referral to a rheumotologist? Has anyone suggested that you try Milnacipran which has been used in Europe for decades to treat FMS?

I like to encourage you to order "Fibromyalgia for Dummies" through Amazon. It is a good book that covers the basics so you will have a better sense of control over your situation.

Your issues with medication are best addressed by your doctor. If you think Cymbalta is creating and/or making your anxiety worse than ask to try
Milnacipran. It does take time and a lot of messing about to find the right medication for each FMS patient. There is no set formula for treating us. And, once you are on a drug regimen, you have to stay on it. The longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop. Putting yourself through a roller coaster of going on and off meds is not helping. By the way, depending on the dose, you have to be weaned off of Cymbalta. Stopping medication yourself can be very dangerous. Take care and I hope that you feel better soon.


kiwiang - January 26

well its been 3 weeks since resuming lexapro 10mg,sleep has improved greatly certainly not waking as much and drift back to sleep easier (and noise sensitivity reduced)not as irritable much to the delight of my family....ANXIETY still high....I drove to another town yesterday had to stop 2 times with tummy upset (toilet stops) then felt anxious until the trip home(which went fine)...i had taken 1mg diazapam before leaving and another 1mg 3 hours there a better drug for anxiety issues? I am going to have cbt again soon seeing gp in the next week and info in hand always helps....thanks for any advice :)



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