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anxiety, and fibro
5 Replies
jrzgirl1 - July 28

I have had my heart tested in 08 from tredmill to ultrasound to cardiac cath, Dr says it is stress. Does anyone experience trying to catch your breath, and if I press on my chest( between my breasts) it is sore but my whole body has been sore( so much stress in my life right now. some I bring on myself. I have OCD.I take anti- depressents and a tranquilizer, have been for 40 yrs.The dr keeps telling me its not my heart but I watched my Mom die in front of me of a heart attach, I feel like I am going crazy. the 1st thought that comes to mind is 'Heart Attack" I also have thyroid and acid refux.please reply as it just scares me, I have always been anxious due to growing up in a dysfunctional family. I just feel like running but scared I will have a heart attack. I have an app't with a therapist on 8/11


OnaJourney - July 28

Hi jrzgirl1

I experience anxiety too. I cannot find a reason. It just comes over me. I am now seeing a psychotherapist. She has given me several questionnaires to answer for our next appointment. One of the questionnaires is on line under The Burns Anxiety Inventory. This may be a starting point for you.

Take care.


PEANUT - July 28

Hi. Wow, you sound just like me.I am a 51 year old female and I was recently diagnosed with FMS although have suspected I have had it since the late 90's. I have been able to manage the aches and pains with diet, exercise and lots of rest. However 1 year ago I began having respiratory problems-I would feel a headache coming on, queasy stomach, then I could not adequately get full breaths and almost always end up with severe belching. I actually spent the day in ER one day as I thought I was having a heart attack but they found nothing. I too did 2 stress tests, a MIBI, had an ultrasound and finally a TEE - all resulting with a healthy heart. I have gone from being able to jog for 3 miles 3 times a week to now only being able to take leisurely walks. Anyway, after seeing the live pictures of my heart, I now believe that my heart is healthy but the symptoms continue. After seeing internal medicine doctors, heart doctors, oncologist, gynecologist, and even an infectious disease doctor, it was my last appointment with a rheumatologist that diagnosed me as having FMS.I had been aware of the pain component of the syndrome but did not know about the other symptoms that i was experiencing. After someone I don't even know sent me a link to the FMS site, I was like AHA, there I am. I brought it to my family doc's attention but he didn't seem convinced but did refer me to a rheumatologist at my request.And while there he also asked me if I had been tested for Lyme disease.I followed up with my family doc and found out that I had not been, so now I am being tested for that. You see the symptoms of FMS and Lyme disease are so similar that incorrect diagnosis of FMS are being done.From what I understand Lyme disease is hard to detect so I am not sure what my results will show.But I would hate to think that I actually have Lyme disease which can be treated with antibiotics than to be on Cymbalta (as I am) and being treated for FMS.It's been a very confusing and frustrating journey and it continues on...Bottom line I feel for you as I can totally relate to what you are experiencing.Although, outside of this medical merry-go-round, I have very little stress in my life but not being able to breathe is very stressful and becomes worse if you focus in on it. Just try to relax and divert your attention away from your breathing.I also feel better if I'm up as opposed to sitting or lying down.I don't know that I have been helpful. I just wanted you to know that you are not crazy and you are not alone!


kvc33 - July 28

You can rest assured that there is nothing wrong with your heart. Most people who experience panic attacks end up in emergency at some point thinking that they are having a heart attack but once they know what a panic attack feels like they learn not to think that way. Daily walks are an important part of managing anxiety. The next time you feel anxious go for a walk. It will help you not hurt you. Your OCD is making you focus on the anxiety more than you should. Use it to your advantage. Tell yourself over and over again that your heart is healthy and that you are calm. You can also drink decaf green tea which contains theanine and has a calming affect on the brain. You can also try camomile tea. Practise deep breathing exercises daily. It is really up to you, you can manage this if you want to. I have these conditions myself so I know that focusing on it just makes it worse. Get your mind on positive things and affirm that you are safe and happy.


January - July 29

Did you have these heart related and anxiety and stomach problems before you started taking your fibro meds???


thecudd - July 30

The soreness in your chestbone may be costochondritis, which is a fairly common fybromyalgia symptom. Thyroid problems can also cause palpitations and other heart symptoms. I have similar issues, and my cardiologist gave me a series of tests, including a stress test and calcification test - all came back normal. Anxiety can definitely impact the way you feel and how much you hurt if you do have fybromyalgia. You should speak with a rheumotologist about your pain symptoms, and also have your thyroid rechecked.



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