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5 Replies
NinaEdwards1 - February 28

Hello All - do any of you suffer with anxiety (for no apparent reason) as part of your fibromyalgia symptoms?


BrandyO - February 28

NinaEdwards1....I have suffered with fibro for over 40 years and have had anxiety problems for almost as long. It stinks! I've treated it off and on with medication but it never goes away entirely. Brandy


Iinda - March 27

Hi there Brandy & Nina. I have had anxiety since I was a little girl. Prolly a mix between genes & a difficult childhood. it seems common to those of us who are on the sensitive side. when it seems to just 'be there' for no apparent reason is often called GAD (generalized anxiety). There is some good info on fibro/anxiety on this site if you click to the left of this page on "Fibromyalgia Symptoms" & then down the list onto "Anxiety". being a worrier certainly doesn't help us does it? I read once that the emotional definition of Anxiety is -- "What If..." & depression is -- "If Only..." sounds about right to me. take care girls.


Fantod - March 27

You betcha! I get wound up over nothing or something so minor it is ridiculous. I have to really watch myself so I can get a handle on it before things really get out of hand.


mhuerta909 - April 10

I have severe anxiety, I also am bipolar, so im learning how to help myself during an attack.


jenny bawden - April 10

Hi Nina, how strange I should see your question on here today.. I woke up with the swirling black mists all around me... what is all that about?? As others have said before me.. the anxiety just appears for no reason.. I have to really try and take myself in hand and not give in to it. I manage to blame myself for EVERYTHING.. I do find getting out and just chatting to people gives a little respite to it. But it returns as soon as I return home again.. As Linda said, it does appear to be particularly hard on those of us who are sensitive (I am a Holistic Therapist and Reiki Healer so really feel it) Yes, before anyone asks, ask a healer can't I heal myself?? Well I sure wish I could do something about this fibro.. but it takes a certain amount of energy and this feeling of 'non self -worth ' when you are under attack, does not help. Cominh on here though does help Nina, just sharing the problems with others who know what you are talking about, is a great relief. Take care and we are always here for you x



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