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antidepressives and fibromyalgia
7 Replies
denise - October 3

ive been diagnosed with fibro and my dr started me on antidepresion meds.the 1st was effexor xr and i had some side effects so now he wants me to staart wellbutrinxl and im a little affraid after reading about possible chances of having seizures. im a otherwise a healthy 33 year old who is tired of feeling like crap and being very tired all the time. thank you


becca - September 29

Denise- It can take several tries to find the right antidepression meds. Unless you've had a problem with seizures in the past, you'll probably be okay on Wellbutrin. I've been on Wellbutrin for about 5 years now, and I haven't had any problems with side effects from that medicine. If I were you, I'd give it a try. It might just be the thing that gives you back some energy.
Good Luck!


denise - September 29

thanks for answering my ive never had a seizure before and i did start it up i guess ill see if i start to not feel so tired all the time.i can handle having pain almost all the time,its the being tired all the time that is really bringing me a mother of three and child number 3 is almost 11 months old now so it can just be so hard to give him 100%, but i manage so hopfully this will work for me..thanks again


kerri - September 29

Denise~i was very concerned about the seizure risk with wellbutrin as well. I was diagnosed about two months ago and prescribed wellbutrin that very day. It took a week or two to get used to the "feeling" of the med, but i have had NO problems at all...and i feel sooooo much better than i have in months! the pain is down to a minimum at this point. i'm taking 100mg 3x a day. has helped me greatly. i agree with Becca, try it. it could be what may help you!


Anne - September 30

can the antidepressives cause memory loss?


Jean - October 2

Remeron is a good antidepressant too. About memory loss, it is part of Fibromyalgia and antidepressants do not cause memory loss.


Anne - October 2

ok, thanks.


Friday - October 3

Denise, I had very good luck with Prozac for years. You might want to try that if the Wellbutrin doesn't work. I've now changed to Effexor XR to help combat hot flashes (I can't have hormones) and it's working well for me too.



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