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Another question - does your pain increase or decrease with activity?
4 Replies
Mary - June 21

Hi There,

I have major problems with neck/shoulder that are exacerbated by my job -- I do technical support and I sit at a computer all day. Despite frequent consultations with an ergonomic specialist and an ergonomically correct workstation, frequent stretch breaks, etc., I still end up in pain after a few hours at my desk.

The pain escalates through the week and by Thursday night it's incapacitating. Over the weekend, my activity level increases. I start out my Saturday in pain, but as my household chores and other activities get done, the pain decreases substantially (although it never goes away completely).

Does fibro pain tend to decrease or increase with activity, or does this vary depending on the individual?

Thanks in advance for your time. :)

Mary in CO


JJ - June 20

I have a desk job too. I also notice increase pain when I don't move around much. I try to make a habit of getting up and walking around through the day. I take the stairs rather than elevator when I can. I generally wake up with pain that lessens as I move around. I just got back from a 1 hour + car ride and my calves are so sore it feels as though I have been working out (I haven't).


Chris - June 20

Sometimes I have to get up from my desk, walk around, stretch, but even then it still hurts. Car rides bother my sciatic nerve. It's problably just the Joys of getting old for me. I find that working out (if I can do it), doesn't really help that much. sometimes it only makes it worse. Hope you feel better.


Coree - June 21

I find somedays that getting myself moving will decrease my pain. I have to force myself if my motivation is not there. Other times, doing too much will put me down for the next day or two. It is a balancing act.


Rebecca - June 21

I feel much better after mild exercise such as walking or swimming. If I don't move around much I get stiff.



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