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another question!?!
7 Replies
kerrythecarebear - December 31

Just out of interest, i wanted to know how easily everyone has been able to get medications they need for their FMS, do you find general anti spasmodics help with the pain and spasms? I don't know if it is just because i am in england, and our NHS is crap, or whether this is something that is general everywhere, that when you might need something to help, the doctors dont help...sorry if i am repeating myself here......cant think straight today


BRENDA - December 31

I have found that finding DRUGS that work is the hardest part for me! However my DR won't prescribe muscle relaxers or sleeping aids for me & I dont know why? I am getting ready to see a new DR 1/10/06 maybe things will be different!!!


kerrythecarebear - December 31

Good luck with that Brenda, please let me know how you get on!!!! My dr wont prescribe ANY drugs at all now, says i am better off with ibuprofen, only i cant take that any more since the GERD started in september! So now i am well and truly left on my own and i hate it. Sorry, i am having a low day today, been in painful spasms for most of the day, with no way of relieving much for celebrating a new year! sorry again!!!


Jeannie3 - December 31

I'm so sorry to hear you're in a bad way today. Do you think an Epsom Salt bath might help? New Years last 365 days, plenty time to celebrate. Soft hugs.


kerrythecarebear - December 31

Hi Jeannie....Epsom salt bath??? have never heard of it supposed to help with FMS spasms????


Jeannie3 - December 31

From what I ONLY guess is it helps to relax you and your muscles. Maybe its in my mind but if I soak in a very warm/hotish bath for 10 minutes then a cool shower I do feel better. But for real bad spasms I don't know. I tried antspasmodic drug long time ago before I was dx but they didn't help the fibro pain. Gosh, I hope I didn't confuse you . What part of England are you from.
I was in Sussex East Grinstead for about 1/2 year in the 70's.


kerrythecarebear - January 1

Hi Jeannie.....i think i'm being blonde here, or having a craft moment, but what does the dx stand for in the advice u left?? I have had antispasmodics before, and i did find them helpful...provided i didnt use them all the time! I am in Poole, Dorset.


Jeannie3 - January 1

Hi, dx stands for diagnosis. Sorry about that. About the antispasmodics I would tell the doctor that they had helped before and to check his records/ Lots of Luck (with drs we kinda need it)....Jeannie



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