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Another new diagnosis
4 Replies
Wheezer - September 10

Hi, I have had this pain for several years. I am 65 and have been hospitized twice for what was thought to be heart attacks. The pain in my back, neck and shoulders was so intense that my blood pressure would go sky high. All tests proved that my heart is good and strong. When telling my primary physician that my hands and feet feel hot, swollen and stiff, she said "I think you have Fibromyalgia". Take Ibuprofen two times a day and come back in two months. Other than a pill for anxiety and sleep (lorazapam) at bedtime to sleep I have not been offered any medications. After reading more about this illness I went to see a chirprator and an acupunturist. I am feeling a little better. I actually have slept for a 6 hour period which has not happened in years. I am really scared I will have to live the rest of my life in pain. I always thought this was a diagnosis when doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with someone.


Fantod - September 10

Wheezer - You really should see a rheumotologist. This is the doctor that is best suited to treat Fibromyalgia (FMS). Unfortunately, (and this is common) your doctor clearly does not know how to treat FMS. I am going to give you a concise explantion of what is needed and why.

FMS is a disorder of the central nervous system that causes widespread, chronic pain. The mechanism that causes it is not understood. It is recognised by the National Arthitis Foundation and the Center for Disease Control. The days of labeling someone with FMS for lack of another of another diagnosis are long gone. FMS can not be cured but it can be managed.

Only certain classes of prescribed medication work for FMS. OTC remedies like ibuprofen do not - hence my objection to your current treatment plan. There are several options to treat the chronic pain caused by FMS. Lyrica is advertised on TV all of the time. The most common complaint about this drug seems to be rapid weight gain. Cymbalata is another choice. I use that myself as do other people on this board. I have had good results with it. The most recent drug to be approved for FMS is Savella. It has been used in Europe for decades. Most rheumotologists seem to have 2 week trial packs of this drug available for patients to try.

You can find a rheumotologist by calling your local hospital physician referral service. Ask them for someone with an interest in FMS. Another option would be a pain specialist. I have both and they work in tandem with one another. Or, you can go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and register. Then you will be able to see a list of fibro-friendly healthcare providers in your area.

The most crucial part of treating FMS is restorative sleep. FMS causes a disruption in the deep sleep cycle. There are short bursts of high intensity brain activity that interrupt deep sleep. You need deep sleep to repair your muscles from the days activities. Poor sleep means higher levels of pain. It rapidly becomes a vicious circle. Amitriptyline is usually prescibed for FMS sleep issues.

Your diet should NOT include artifical sweetners, deep fried foods, and lunch meat (nitrates). If you need a sweetner use Truvia which can be found in any grocery store next to the rest of the sweetners. It is made from the Stevia plant and not toxic. With the exception of Truvia, all of these items will probably make your pain levels worse.

I've used acupunture myself and found it to be very effective. Unfortunately, I was not able to afford the ongoing cost as it is not covered under my healthcare plan. Personally, I don't see the point of seeing a chiropractor. You need proper care from a rheumotologist and prescribed medication to get a handle on this syndrome. It is much harder to break or manage a chronic pain cycle the longer it continues. I would be asking your doctor why they did not send you to a rheumotologist immediately if FMS is suspected.

I hope that my comments are helpful to you in some way. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


Wheezer - September 10

Thanks for the information. I will try a Rheumotologist as soon as I finish this set of acupucture treatments. They have brought relief from the pain but I am extrememly fatigued. I did not want to take medications but I think you are right, I need to get control of this so I can work and run my business. Thanks a lot.


Fantod - September 10

Wheezer - To combat fatigue, try eating smaller high protein meals throughout the day. You can also purchase a sublingual B12 with folic acid tablet. The folic acid helps your body absorb the B12 so it is very important. I use this ratio: 400 mcg folic acid, 1000 mcg B12.

Sublingual tablets have to be used in a specific manner. No smoking, drinking, eating or toothbrushing a 1/2 hour before AND after use. Simply let the tablet dissolve under your tongue. They taste like nothing. I keep mine on my bedside table and use it first thing in the morning. It helps get me moving.

Take care and God bless.


pfiinch - September 10

I would say that the accupunture is wonderful.I would try and talk to him or her also.Maybe if you can go a couple times a month or whatever they suggest.I know I have put it into my treatment and it makes me feel great after a day or two.One time he gave me a massive accupunture treatment and I wanted to kill him that night (just kidding) it just my arm hurt so bad I could hardly stand it.So I called and he said it was okay know that it had been a day so take my pain med.Then I was fine.It is sooooo worth the releif that I had for quite some time.I think I am going to find one because he retired.
It sounds like what our fellow posters said you need a new Dr.or make him hear you out.It is your body and you know it better than anyone.If he doesn't then seek out a rheumotoligist like Fantod suggested and maybe a new family Dr. Good Luck!!

God Bless and speed be with you!!!!

Patti F.



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