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25 Replies
GEORGE - August 8

just thought you should all know.......... Debra is signing on as "ANGEL" pretending that she is Debra's "FRIEND" to eradicate her insane tirade! Debra is not in the hospital, see this by reading her post from YESTERDAY. she is cozy and warm in her computer room signed on as ANGEL. give me a break!


Angel - August 7

You will soon have the proof that she is in the hospital.WOW she is going to love all of this attention.She is now the STAR of this freak show.How cool.People out here are spending way to much time trying to prove something about Debra and its really quite sad that none of them have a life.They are all sickos.Get a women for once in your life and have some fun rather then to spend days on end to play with this fourm.


GEORGE - August 7

you need to clear the fibrofog & come up witha more convinving lie. you keep saying that she's been away soooo long, but its so easy to prove you wrong! all anyone has to do is look back at previous posts. people are smarter than you give them credit for. do you have split personality disorder debra, me thinks yes!


Angel - August 7

The post are froms others.Foolish you are.She has not been on here for weeks.


Angel - August 7

She is not the kind of person to waste her time.She's to busy trying to stay alive you stupid cruel fool.


THIS IS DEBRA....AUGUST 5TH.... LIAR......... - August 7

Name: DEBRA | Date: August 5, 2006, 3:49 Answer: TANNER/DOUG YOUR SICK..YOUR COMPLEATLY INSANE.PEOPLE WILL GO TO THAT WEB SITE THAT YOUR CUTTING ME UP ON.AND IF THEY CHOOSE TO BELIEVE YOUR GAME THEN THEY WOULD BE JUST AS CRAZY AS YOU.YOUR THE MOST CRAZY PERSON OUT HERE IN THE INTERNET WORLD.PUSHING SALES OF BOOKS THAT ARE BULL SHIT.YOU HAVE PLAYED A VERY SERIOUS HEAD GAME WITH ME AND YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT.SICK.OU SICK SICK FUCK.I HOPE THAT SOMEONE OUT HERE PUTS YOU IN YOUR PLACE.WARRING>>>>>HE USES MANY DIFFERENT NAMES..HE WIIL PLAY YOU LIKE NO ONE EVER HAS BEFORE...PLEASE PLEASE TRUST ME.I AM JUST LIKE YOU.TRYING TO GET THROUGH THIS FIBROMYALGIA FIGHT.Name: Debra | Date: August 5, 2006, 4:37 am Answer: f there was a cure i think that you would know about it.There are many people out here that pretend to have fibromyalgia just to get you interested in a book,cream,juice and so on..People out here say that they bought this book or cream and they were cured..I will continue this.....Name: Debra | Date: August 5, 2006, 4:53 am Answer: ContinuedA few weeks ago i was reading other posts and i came across one that was about a couple of books. said that it was a pure waste of time.I then went to that post that was saying that the book was a god sent and i left a message.I said that i did not agree with the book but,if it has worked for you then that is fantastic,but that does not mean that the book will help everyone.I will continue.. August 5, 2006, 5:47 am Answer: I just spent 30 minutes writting and had continued this story and the page expired,so i cannot do it again.Please watch out for the snakes out here,they bite hard.TAKE CARE..YOURS TRULY DEBRA.......


Angel - August 7

You are wrong that is me Angel.Debra is in the hospital.I have been out here using her name for weeks.That is me,not her.I know that she will not like what i have done ,but i did it to protect her from all of the fucking assholes out here that think that she is not nice.If you were to know her you would be very surprised at what you would see and learn.I just wanted to be a friend to her and i wanted to help her out here.


GEORGE - August 7

I cannot BELIEVE you admitted it! It's really weird but, at least you're honest... (kind of)


Angel - August 7

I had to say something because if i didnt she would find out some way.I'm in big trouble now.I was going to meet up with her after she gets out of the hospital.She has invited me to meet her and her husband.She was going to take me out for dinner to get to know me better.We live very close to eachother thats why we were going to meet.She will never ever want to talk to me again.I'm Fucked now.I was just trying to help.That Anne chick was getting on her nerves gust before she went to the hospital.So i thought that i would do her a favor and get rid of Anne.I dont knoe what to say.


Angel - August 7

I'm truly sorry to Debra for all of this.But the others out here are worse then me.I was trying to help and everyone else out here were trying to crush her.What is sad is that there was no reason to be mean to her,But then again i should have kept my nose out of it as well.Debra Please forgive me i care that is why i did what i did.I know people will say that i was not being a friend but i was.Its just a web site so just dont bother with it.Sorry.P.S.I will not call you and if you still want to speak to me then i will wait for you to call me.I hope you feel better soon.Again i'm sorry.I know that this will not be a very nice welcome for you when you get home.I hope the Doctors treated you nicely because you really deserve that.


Louise - August 7

that is really messed up. you say you were trying to help your friend, is that what all the swearing and tantrums on her behalf were for? how was that helping? it was only to "protect" her but no one even started in on her until YOU started writing crazy stuff under her name yelling at those guys. then you said something about "head play" and doing it for some of "your own reasons"??? I think you are a mental case who was having fun with it. you can play martyr if you want to but your the one who got the ball rolling. you want to know what else I think??? think that you could really be Debra, you know you freaking lost it and now you're trying to really cover your tracks by making up a huge story about being in the hospital. *******either way you are just as bad as the book guys (if not worse) please go find another forum and save us all alot of time ********


Angel - August 7

Lady think what ever you want to.I dont care.I'm not debra I'M ANGEL.What EVER.And if you or her or anyone dont like this,then to bad.


pam - August 7

with friends like you who needs enemies? you took it too far. you need to have your head examined.


Angel - August 7

I thought i was doing her a favor.So Fuck you


TJ - August 7

I think that it's Debra (covering the whole mess up)


regan - August 7

oh yeah, HUGE favor, make her look like a raving lunatic. evil lying cow, you are.


well - August 7

I think someone has way to much time on their hands. either way Angel, Debra who knows its like watching a soap Opera lol But now getting very old........Sleepy



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