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Anemic Again
4 Replies
JJ1 - June 29

Well, I am not quite anemic again, but my iron has dropped so significantly since March that they have scheduled another IV iron injection for next month. Normal levels are something like 11 - 150 and I was 138 last they measured and now it is at 13. Hemoglobin has dropped to 11.7, too, so getting borderline. I guess I am glad it is getting monitored so closely but frustrating to not know why I am having this difficulty aborbing iron. I am not sure how many of my symptoms are due to anemia rather than fibromyalgia because I have had really no major fibromyalgia issues since the getting my iron stores back up.


JJ1 - June 29

Oh and my B-12 and folate levels are fine, ruling out pernicious anemia.


neuro1 - June 29

JJ1....are you a vegetarian or vegan, or just have a diet that consists of injesting very high folate levels? If so, there is a lot of new research out there that indicates that injesting high levels of folate in your diet can mask B12 deficiencies. B12 is often a factor in iron absorption (not just pernicious anemia) as well as many other symptoms including FMS. Just something to be aware of and to let your doc know if you do have a high-folate diet or take extra folate. They want you to alter your diet or stop taking supplements and re-do the blood tests.


JJ1 - June 30

Thanks for that information. I don't think my diet is especially high in folate. I certainly eat a lot foods with folates, but I am not vegetarian and wouldn't think I would ingest more than the average person. I went through several tests earlier this year to try to identify why my iron levels are low. I was tested for celiac disease and had an endoscopy and colonoscopy to look for internal bleeding or abnormailites in my intestine or colon and nothing was found. I had tests to look for blood in my stools. I had to insist that they test for the B-12 deficiency but they said that was normal (this was my hematologist). I had IV injection of iron in Feb. and it is depressing to have my iron drop again so quickly. Looks like the IV treatments are going to be needed twice a year at least. I also have a hiatal hernia which causes acid reflux and take Nexium for this. I suspect that the Nexium, by neutralizing stomach acid, is at least part of the problem with my iron absorption. I have found some reports that indicate that it could be a problem and recently there were studies that linked proton pump inhibitors like Nexium with osteoporosis and they thought this could be because the lack of stomach acid could limit calcium aborption. Oh well.


larry - July 9

Dr. Murphree talks in detail about this scenario that you are experiencing. I downloaded his manual, Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, a patient's self help manual. His wesite is



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