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JJ1 - February 15

I am anemic again. I know anemia can be a part of fibromyalgia, but mine seems too extreme to be the only cause. I have had a gazillion tests to rule out other possibilities such as B12 defiency and Celiac disease. Eating iron rich foods and taking iron supplements does nothing for me, I am just not abosorbing it from pills or diet. It is frustrating. As if fatigue from FMS isn't enough, I get extra fatigued when my iron stores run low. I will be going in for what is now twice a year injections of iron sometime next week. :-(


islandguy - February 15

JJ1: ... best of luck to you with the treatments. I hope they give you some relief from the fatique. Let us know how you feel after the injections. Maybe we should all be tested for anemia. Take care


JJ1 - February 15

I do feel a little better, a little less lethargic, after the iron injections. Actually the day of the injection I feel fantastic because they give me a steriod with the injection, but it does take about 2 weeks for the iron to start helping move oxygen around my body again. If you get CBCs done regularly, you would know if you are anemic. My rheumatologist previously ran the CBCs two or three times a year, but now I see a hematologist every two months for the blood work due to the anemia. The anemia has been very frustrating for me. Anemia is listed as a common side effect for Fibromyalgia but should be overcome with iron supplements or diet. Mine is not. For some unknown reason that no one but me wants to figure out, I can't absorb iron through my digestive system. I am on Nexium for heartburn. I have a hiatal hernia, which is in the opening to the esophagus -- a valve doesn't close properly and lets stomach acid flow back into my esophagus. The acid reflux is not related to diet so I have it constantly if I don't take Nexium daily. I have a suspicion that the Nexium is what is contributing to my anemia, but my gastroenterologist keeps blowing it off. He said it should not cause such severe anemia, but when I read the possible side effects about Nexium, one is that it can cause anemia because stomach acid is needed to break down iron. There was a recent study on calcium absorption with those taking proton-pump inhibitors such as Nexium and it was found that calcium absorption was reduced. So I am wondering why not iron? My only alternative would be surgery to close up my hiatal hernia which isn't going to happen until I can convince the gastroenterologist that it is the Nexium affecting my absorption of iron. He thinks it is due to my mentrual cycle (heavy periods) and in a few weeks I am getting an IUD birth control that greatly reduces or stops menstrual flow. So I guess we will see then if it is my periods or not. I really don't know what else to check after that. If anyone else is on Nexium or a proton pump inhibitor and has anemia, I would like to hear back from you. Thx.


lmb2 - February 15

Hi JJ1, it sounds to me like your doctor is probably pro-nexium and doesn't want to believe that it might cause your anemia. The thing is, we (especially fibromyalgia sufferers) know that everyone reacts differently to every medication and condition and you might be a bit more sensitive to the effects that nexium has on iron absorbtion. it's on the list of side effects so it totally makes sense, keep pushing it, or see a different doctor for a second opinion if you can. Also, I wanted to say good good luck with the IUD, i hope it helps you. I also have one because i also have endometriosis on top of the fibro..... I have the Mirena which is supposed to be much better tolerated by most people and I have done great with it (i wouldn't get the other kinds personally). Just a bit of advice....... they say that insertion of the IUD doesn't hurt much, which means that it will hurt for us... and it does. you will hurt about 30 seconds after insertion and have cramps the whole rest of that day. what I did was, i had someone drive me there so that i could take my hydrocodone about an hour before my appointment, so if you have pain killers, i highly suggest doing that also lol. And you should try to have nothing planned the rest of the day if possible, you'll want to curl up with a heating pad :)
I really don't want to scare you, just wanted to warn you a little, but it isn't like torture or anything, it just hurts..... other than that though, it is 100% worth it and i still highly recommend it if you have heavy or painfull periods..... my endometriosis cramps have been completely gone for about 6 months and it has been very nice to have one less pain to worry about! Good luck with everything, I really hope they help you with your anemia soon. take care :)


JJ1 - February 16

Well, any guys can skip this discussion, lol. I think it is Mirena that they are talking about inserting. I have a family history of breast cancer so I was a little leery of birth control pills (I don't need them for birth control since I had a tubal ligation) but the doc said this released a very low dose and some percentage of the people lose their periods altogether and some have the frequency and amount decreased. I am on the cusp of menopause, so when the 5 years is up when it loses its effectiveness, I hopefully won't need it anymore. today I had a uterine ultrasound and they think I may have endometriosis. I have an endometrial biopsy scheduled for next week......... Yes, sometimes the doctors are funny about side effects. I can search for anemia and Nexium on the internet and get tons of hits but it also says that there have been no studies to confirm, so nothing the doctors can put their arms around, however, there was the study on calcium, so they should be a little more open minded and make the association with iron. I had a similar problem with my daughter on ADHD medications. Last spring, she broke out in a strange rash on her arms. They had just increased her dosage of Concerta but I didn't put the two together. She doesn't take meds over the summer and sure enough the rash cleared up over the summer. I still didn't make the association until the fall when she started meds again and the rash came back. All her doctors insisted that it wouldn't cause a rash like that and if it did, it wouldn't have been dose related and she would have had it at the lower dose. So we spent all fall seeing doctors and dermatologist,s being treated for antibiotic resistant staph infection and then they decided that she was just picking at herself causing the wounds. Then over christmas she stopped concerta again and the skin cleared up. Now she has switched to adderall and no problems. The doctors are still reluctant to say it was due to teh medications! I have the same feeling about the Nexium. But who knows, even if it is Nexium related, the stop of mentstrual cycles may slow down the iron loss to the point that I don't get so anemic or not so quickly anyway. Sorry so long.


ep246 - August 18

i am chronic anemia and iron defenciey and i have to go in once a week for iv sames as u istay tired.....donna/miss


JJ1 - August 20

I stopped taking elavil (amytriptyline) last spring and since then, my anemia seems to be at bay. Anemia is listed as a rare side effect of amytriptyline. I have only had one appt. with my hematologist since stopping elavil and my iron, for the first time, improved between visits rather than continue to drop. I have another appt next month and waiting to see,but I do not feel anemic.


limo - August 22

allo JJ1 i have the same thing im 25 years old and i have been having stomac probleme for the pass 2 yearrs now i lost 20 pound and i am anemic to.I take nexium 40 mg every day and it's dosen't remove my pain from the chest i did a gastroscopie in january and they tell me i have a imflamation and nothing else. it' feel good to see that im not alone that way.hope you feel bether .


limo - August 22

I JJ1 just a question how much amitryptiline you here taking and is your stomac is better sin's your are of amitryptiline ????
Thank's to answer me.


JJ1 - August 25

I took 50 mg of amytriptiline. I have not noticed any major changes since I stopped taking except for possibly alleviating the anemia. I also feel more alert in the mornings. I still have gastric reflux but I have had that for about 15 years, unrelated to my fibromyalgia or medications.


marcos5879 - September 12

K so I am no where near menopause...... well, cause I'm a guy. But I too have theheartburn from who knows what. I change diet and everything but it was alwayse there. SO I got Nexium. Heartburn gone, but I can't say for sure I was anemic I was never looked at. Once I was out of pain I was happy. I wouldn't know if I was showing signs of anemia if it was stamped on my forehead. But I have to believe that when your stomach acid level is down it is not properly breaking down the foods to get the Iron out. My immediate reaction would be to look at the Nexium as a possible cause. I wondered about that while I was on it because of that very reason. Soon as my Ins. kicks in I am going back on it (changed job) I will let you know if I start to show signs. I was only on it for one month before I changed jobs. I will try to stay on it for a while. IT's so freekin expencive with out Ins.


Fantod - September 14

GERD - Just another wonderful benefit of FMS. Personally, I'd like to resign from this membership if I could only figure out where to tender my resignation. GERD is literally a pain in the neck. I've had it for years. Marcos5879 if you are having to buy Nexium without insurance you could try Zantac 150 instead. Take two tablets (300mg) twice a day. A pharmacist will confirm that this is safe. I'm still here so it must be... It may or may not work for you but certainly worth a try as a cheaper alternative. Not all GERD medications work for everyone across the board. My sister has GERD too and Nexium is the only effective drug - she's tried them all. If you have a warehouse club like Sam's or Costco in your area they have a good deal on it. That being said, the treatment for GERD is not at all benefical for your intestinal tract. Anyone using long term medication for this problem should be eating copious amounts of yogurt or taking a good quality probiotic. The LACK of stomach acid that causes GERD permits an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut. Then all of us happy campers progress to IBS symptoms or other unpleasant complications. Most holistic doctors feel that FMS actually originates in the alimentary canal which is the tube that runs from your mouth through the body and out the back door. Eighty percent of the immune system is contained in the intestinal tract - makes sense to me. I have had no problems with anemia and am currently trying to get off of the Zantac all together.



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