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Andrea. About Petition
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Jean - October 17

I understand. I went to a muscularskeletal physician with all my x-rays, MRI's, etc; and he was not a doctor who understood or beleived in this condition. I think the doctors who are not up to snuff should go back to school to educate themselves on this subject. You know some state and other countries just do not stay up to date with new treatments or diseases as they should. In other words they drop the ball and we are the ones having to pay for it and that is why I make it my business to make sure each doctor I see realizes the importance of this condition of Fibromyalgia. Also, most doctors even mine as a matter of fact, do not believe the two conditions are related, Myfascial Pain Sydrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. With all of these factors we have to stumble about finding the underlying cause to our conditions that produce all these symptoms that no one knows what to do for except treat it symptomatically. I understand where you're coming from and we do not have very many support groups in our individual states or counties. There is no support group in my area. Just think the people in the UK areas have the same problems as we do but their wait for exams and treatment and diagnostics is time consuming and long knowing the fears we have, like with possible MS which runs parallel to Fibromyalgia, these people are very scared and what can we do about except make it known in our communities and abroad that Hey this is a real condition. Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are real devistating life changing conditions and we need help with it. Doctors need to get educated and so do we so we can fight this terrible disease. We must find the underlying factors in common that cause this and I do think they are working on it but it just takes time. Luckily, these conditions are not crippling or life threatening and that is one thing we can be thankful for. But you do have a point and I want you to know that as many of us realize already. Another point to ponder is medicine has become a business and Fibromyalgia brings in alot of money to the medical community going from doctor to doctor, test after tests, its a business but if you find that one doctor with the caring in their eyes then it is not a business its help for you. It takes time to find those type of doctors but they are out there.So you can do as they do pull the plug, leave, find another doctor, interview. But it is time consuming but again you do have a point as the rest of us know. So have a great day and please stay in touch and let us know what you find out. God Bless You, Love is here. :)



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