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Anbody know of a "Real" forum for FM sufferers?
5 Replies
Jan - September 18

I would like to be able to discuss FM with others. This place is okay, but despite the fact its called a forum, it isn't. Does anybody know of a true english speaking forum, especially for ppl with FM?


Joni - September 18

forum-an outlet for discussion of matters of interest to a given group, as a periodical publication or a radioshow. If you are looking for a live one, then you can check chat rooms or start your own. Some of us have written "Oprah" to see if she would do a show on fibromyalgia. If you or anyone would e-mail her at
If you log into this site & go under regular features, listed is we want your show ideas, please send her e-mail requesting show on fibromyalgia to gain public awareness so more research can be done! Thanks and good luck to all!


jks0614 - September 18

I just joined this group & am very satisfied. Plz check them out!


Karen - September 18

Regarding your request for oprah to do a show on fibro. I sent emails to her show, and you know the response I got? She didn't answer it or will she. They said that becasue of the volume of emails she gets everday, she is unable to respond to my request, but that they appreciate my email amd keep watching oprah. They are not the least bit interested in fibro. Nor is Dr. phil who I also emailed.


Lora - September 18

I understand your question, this group is very helpful if you are looking for support and suggestions with those who experience symptoms. Are you looking for "more medical" type conversation? That is a bit tricky as this is area that is very grey to medical and insurance fields. If there is site out there, I am sure we could all benefit. Keep us posted.


Jan - September 18

Thank all, and especially jks0614, that forum seems to be exactly what I am looking for :o). Just joined and am reading it now.



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