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An update on using lidocaine procedure
16 Replies
islandguy - November 2

I have now had my second treatment with the lidocaine subcutaneous injection procedure. All the big words mean that they IV lidocaine into my system....not through a vein, but under the skin in my arm. This time it took 12 hours. For those that have not been following this it is a way to freeze your nervous system simply by using the same lidocaine as dentists use to freeze your gums for dental work. - It is a better procedure than using the IV for long time users. And it lasts for 3 weeks so you have to go back to the pain clinic and get another "freezing" every three weeks. - For those that are looking for a way to go without meds...maybe this is something you can discuss with your pain doctors as it is working for me. I have gone from a coctail of medication everyday to a tramecet from time to time. I am told by my doctor that this is the only pain clinic in Canada that uses this procedure so hopefully all the rest will come on board once they hear of the results they are getting. My pain specialist tells me it is used in the USA so it should be available to those interested......Not to be fooled....I still live with all the other fibro symptoms that come with the disease, however, I am vertually without the high level of pain. I no longer get the number 10 pain that put me into bed for long periods of time. I live with a pain level of 3-4 with the lidocaine. I also take small amounts of trimacet during flares that make me uncomfortable but the incidents are getting fewer and fewer. I hope I have inspired someone to talk to their doctors about it .... as I am curious how it will work with others. - The pain clinic here tells me this procedure works best on "fibro patients" even though they use it on cancer patients, etc. - good luck to all and if you have any questions I shall be happy to answer them.


linda brown - November 3

thanks for posting this. as of today, i am using the lidoderm patches, they seem to take my pain from 10 to about 7 today. i hope as time goes by, i can get my pain to a 3-4. i know it won't cure anything but it anything helps, thanks and keep us updated. good luck


islandguy - November 3

Hi linda brown:
If the lidoderm patches are working for you is this procedure available. If some is good more might be better.


lisa1 - November 6

islandguy..I am glad this is working for you and you are feeling better. I see my pain doctor next Monday and I have printed your posts for her as a reference. I must say that lately my pain has become much more intense, legs hips and neck so anything to help with my treatment is always welcome. I am happy for you. Take care..


islandguy - November 6

lisa1.....please keep us posted on the outcome of your visit with your pain doctor. I am sure many will want to know the results. thanks...


lisa1 - November 10

Hello islandguy. My big day at the pain doctor is Monday. I am a little nervous because I have done so much research and have so many questions. truth be told, doctors hate the internet.!! Hope all is well with you.


Gabbie - November 11

islandguy, it sounds like the treatments are working for you and that's wonderful. I'm really happy that you can get some relief from the pain. I had mentioned to you somewhere on this forum that I use the lidocaine cream on some of the pressure points and it does help. I'm thinking that the lidocaine drip must "hit" all the points so I'm assuming that the pain lessens on the entire body? I'm trying to gather info about all sorts of "treatments" to have with me the next time I see my rheum. I was wondering why your 2nd treatment with the lidocaine drip was longer. Did they give you more? Also, how long do you think it lasts before you start getting the "10" pain again.


islandguy - November 11

Hi Gabbie and lisa1... I am sure looking forward to someone on the forum trying this method if it is available to you through your own pain clinics or rhumeys. I am extremely happy with the results that it is giving me. Normally with the weather changes, with the cold and the dampness, I would be flat on my back in bed for days trying to get as many meds down as possible to releive some of my pain. The reason that they increased my doseage from last time was that I felt that "if some one good....more must be better" So I was trying to get the pain level from 10 - 4 then I wanted to go from 4 to a lower number. It worked..... My pain level has dropped again and I go day to day with much relief and find that I haven't taken any tramacet or other meds since my last treatment. I have read on a forum once that "only if they could find a needle to give me to relieve all this pain"....for me I have found it ----for now---. Who knows if my body will recognize that I am trying to fool it? The lidocaine is in your body for 3 weeks -give or take-. My previous one lasted 2 1/2 weeks and thats why I went for the increase in dosage so that it would last longer and be more intense. I fear everyday that I will waken and be taken by the horrible disease that is crippling and debilitating.
I fear the pain will return because quite hurts! - In the meantime I am not cured as I still have all the other symptoms of fibro.....but for now I can manage without the pain. Good luck to all and I am looking forward to someone else trying this to see if it will work for you as well as it has worked for me. - The procedure if called......lidocaine subcutaneous.


Gabbie - November 12

Thanks islandguy for the information. The treatment is obviously helping you with the pain and I hope that it continues to do so. I am definately going to look into it because I am finding now that our weather is changing, I'm experiencing a lot more pain. Actually I haven't been without any sort of discomfort for almost a year and I can't even remember what it feels like to be pain free. So yes, the treatment you are having sounds really encouraging. Lisa, if you are reading this, I will be really interested in hearing what your doc says tomorrow.


lisa1 - November 15

islandguy-My appointment was changed until the 19th. I have printed out your posts and results and also researched a little on the web. Thanks again for all your imput. My pain seems to be getting worse and I am able to do less and less these days so I am up for just about anything. Talk to you soon


islandguy - November 15

Hi lisa1: - The treatment is still working well for me. With the changing weather, cold, wet, miserable ....#$%%^...winter on it's way it takes a toll. As I mentioned before, the symptoms of fatique, nausea, overall body pain are still there, but the lidocaine reduces the pain level "big time" ! ---- I hope this question is on your list as I am curious to see what your doctor's comments on it will be. Thanks again and I hope your apt. this time is a good one.!!!


fox - October 19

islandguy...I'm an Island girl and most likely go to the same pain clinic. I am going for my third lidocaine drip in a few days. I was told that they increase the amount every 3 weeks until they get you to a level you can tolerate without side effects. This could take up to 5 times. My original dose was 5 ml with an increase of 2.5 ml on my second visit. I'm guessing it will be increased by the same amount again. I've had no side effects and have stopped taking the narcs except for maybe one a week when I've over exerted myself. Like you my pain level has gone down a few notches. Hopefully at the higher dose it will improve even more. My last drip took about 7 hours, so yours at 12 hours must have been quite a bit more. I have been trying to find some info on line for this procedure for 6 weeks. It is very hard to find. Your info was the first I found. Your post is 2 years old now and I was wondering how it was going for you.


axxie - October 19

OH boy, oh boy, I can't wait!! I get to see the pain clinic for the first time on the 26.

I will bring this posts. Yeah, winter is coming and the damp weather is taking a tole on me. I can hardly walk up the stairs and every joint is stiff stiff.


fox - October 21

Hi Axxie...Do you live on the Island? Which pain clinic are you going to on the 26th?


Fantod - October 21

When Island Guy first posted about this procedure, I asked my pain specialist about it. I can only describe his reaction as horrified. He said that it was very dangerous and that he would never recommend it. This is coming from a top pain specialist in Michigan whose opinion I trust. Just throwing it out there for anyone who is looking at this thread.


axxie - October 21

fox, I'm in Ottawa, we have two pain specialist clinics, one at the civic and the other at the general.


fox - October 21

axxie...let me know how things go on the 26th. It will be interesting to see what your pain clinic says. Sure wish the islandguy would give us his latest thoughts. I can't see anything past 2008 when he was about to leave Arizona.



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