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Amitrypyline Advice
11 Replies
Sandybeach - February 4

Hi all..... today was my visit to the pain clinic.the specialist has reccomended i try 10 mg of amitriptyline for the first time,id like ideas or advice from others about this tablet.she only gave me 10mg to start with,been told its good for fibromyalgia and the nerve pain,hence im a little scared of taking it,hope i will be ok on like to hear views from anyone on it,but was very helpfull at the clinic.i at last feel theres a light at the end of the tunnel.somewhere.....they also reccomend i got physio at the clinic and i cannot wait now as as we all know anything is worth a go,,,hi everyone hope all is ok....


Noca - February 4

I've taken it before at 30mg. I used it for sleep. It didn't do much for me but dont let that get you down. I didnt have ANY negative effects from it at all. I prolly should have raised the dose to something like 100mg to get better effects, but I quit it instead and replaced it with something else.

Hope it works for you :) If it doesnt work for you, I suggest you ask your doctor to raise the dosage a bit to something more effective.


Sandybeach - February 4

cheers noca
just took it anyway lol so hope it does the really at rock bottom with my last flare up so fingers crossed it does something


joebenbeth - February 4

hi sandybeach i was on 60mg a night and was told to up it 10mg every week till we got a result (at what point do you stop)to be honest it really didn't do that in regards to helping me sleep it used to hit me mid afternoon the next day (not good)but please don't let me put you off as it is different for everyone the doctor has now taken me off it and we'll try something else you might want to moniter the best time to take it as to get the affect just when you need it (when your ready for bed) good luck.


toots2889 - February 5

sandybeach, ive been taking Amitriptyline for years now. Im on 150mgs evey night to help me sleep. It has done wonders for me, and i really didnt have any side effects from it. You are on a very small dose so i wouldnt think youd have any problems with it. If it doesnt seem like its working, have them increase the dosage until it starts working. Everyone is different, so they start you out on a low dosage and gradually increase it.


Noca - February 5

joebenbeth - The highest reccommended dose for Amitriptyline is 150mg.


LadyNae - February 5

I have been taking it for about a month now to help me sleep. I am up to 30mg a night and usually have to take it anywhere from 3 to 5 hours before I go to bed. Aside from having to take it so early before I want to go to bed it seems to help me sleep. I wake feeling well rested which in my book is great. I also notice that I am not having to take naps during the day like I was before. I hope that you are able to find some relief as well by taking it.


Sandybeach - February 5

Thanx all....
some really usefull advice you all gave me.right last night i took my tablet 10mg at 9pm,i slept very well,but.....this morning i feel as tho my whole body is a lot my legs are like lead.maybe i took the tablet too late?do you think i should carry on taking it for 2 weeks as they suggested?as i cant say i feel much better even after a full good nights sleep.and is it safe to use parecetamol with amitryptiline?what sort of time does anyone else take their tablet?cheers all .....x


Fantod - February 5

Sandybeach - Yes, you should absolutely continue taking Amitriptyline as directed by your new doctor! It takes time for anyone to adjust to a new medication. The lead like feeling in your legs may or may not be associated with this medication. It could just be another Fibromyalgia (FMS) perk.

You are not going to feel better immediately. It is going to take some time for your body to adjust and your dose of Amitriptyline may have to changed. Allow a minimum of two weeks to as long as a month. The dose that you are on is extremely low.

I'm not sure why you are taking parecetamol too. If it is to address FMS pain, you are wasting your time. The type of pain associated with FMS does NOT respond to over the counter pain remedies. If it is for some other reason, ask your chemist about this drug combination.

I hope that you will continue to follow the doctor's instructions and allow some time for this medication to work. We all want you to feel better. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Sandybeach - February 5

Fantod .....
Cheers for the info , i had a bad head this afternoon hence why i thought id take paracetamol.yes i agree right now not sure if im on another bad day or is it my new meds?time will just feel like i had a serious hangover and i dont drink lol.long time this med takes to start have good weekend too xx


Mrs Zozzer - February 6

I was on Amitrypyline it did nothing for me pain ways but i did increase my weight so I stopped taking them.


bernieg - February 7

Hi all
I am also taking amitriptaline. I take it at 9pm ans go to bed at 11, read for about 10 minutes then I'm gone. I have to say, it was a life saver for me. Last year I was in such bad pain I couln't walk 10 yards,I was even on morphine but it didn't work, then my Rhummy started me on a low does and increased it every 2 weeks. It got me on the road to recovery. Most nights I get a full nights sleep now. I would say give a shot. The best of luck.




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