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Amitryptaline......gave today
12 Replies
Sandybeach - February 17

hi in my previous post i said that the pain clinic had given me amitryptaline,i only took a few as felt so ill.i been again today and they told me that i wouldnt feel much better before at least 2 put me back on them and told me to hang in there. i just dont get the idea of things making me feel worse as i already feel bad enough.said to start taking them again on dreading the next few weeks now because of the tabs..hope someone can help or advise me what to do ? thanx all xxxxx


Fantod - February 17

Sandybeach - We all go through this cycle when adjusting to any new medication. It takes time for your body to adjust. Unfortunately, you'll just have to soldier through it like the rest of us do until it can be determined if the drug is helpful or not. Take care.


LadyNae - February 19

I was given amitryptaline about a month ago. It took a while for my body to get used to it as well as getting used to not having the narcotics my previous dr. had put me on. It works wonders for me most of the time. I am now sleeping between 6-8 hours a night. I do have to take it fairly early in the evening if I want to go to bed at a decent time. There are nights that it doesn't seem to work but it's nothing like I was before, where I was lucky to get 2-5 hours a night. Hope that it works for you.


Pinxie - February 19

I was offered this but refused because i know of at least three people who have been give this who were not really depressed to begin with.. in fact, one of them just had a problem with grinding teeth in the night and the doctor said they would help her relax... now she ( and they) are now almost suicidal and need to be slowly weaned off it. so it's a bit scary being given them.

Also, i had to question why my G.P was handing out this anti depressant which would " uplift my mood" my mood when i was NOT depressed, i was simply very angry and frustrated at not being able to be as active as i once was, and isn't that a normal reaction to it ?.. I didn't need my emotions to be dummbed down just to stop me being a pain in the arse. These doctors hand out these tablets like sweets. Grrr....


Fantod - February 19

Pinxie - You are not understanding a key point about treating Fibromyalgia. Only certain classes of prescribed medication work for the pain associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). One of those classes happens to be certain antidepressents such as Amitriptyline and Cymbalta.

Amitriptyline also helps with the sleep issues associated with FMS. This is a crucial part of treating this syndrome.

Your doctor is completely correct in handing out this medication. You may not think that you are depressed but if FMS is affecting your quality of life maybe you need to rethink your position. Take care.


Pinxie - February 19

fantod, I don't think i am missing the key point of treating fibromyalgia at all. Treating fibro is not only about what strong medications to use.. Sandybeach has asked for advice about amitriptaline as he/she is suffering side effects and so i've given an opinion on what i think about this particular med..

My advice is that doctors hand out antidepressants like sweets as a first line, one cure fits all medication. I've no idea if sandy is depressed or not - if Sandy is taking them because of real depression - ( not just because she is feeling a bit down about things, then that's great, take them and persevere with the initial side effects - but if sandy is not suffering from real depression then why offer an anti depressant medication when other forms of pain relief/ pain management should be offered first. If taking amitryptaline when not depressed means, amongst a whole load of other side effects, that i might feel nausea, anxiousness, drowsiness, suicidal, and emotionally numb then i don't think i want to rethink my position on it considering that all those side effects would certainly be affecting my quality of life anyway... i don't know how old Sandybeach is but i would advise her/him or anyone to think very carefully before committing to any drug they may become physically and psychologically dependent on - and that's not the same as becoming addicted too -for a considerable length of time.


kvc33 - February 19

Although I'm not a fan of drugs and avoid them if at all possible, anti-depressants are not just used to treat depression. They work on neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin. These chemicals affect a person's perception of pain, that's why clinical depression itself also presents with aches and pains. Anti-depressants are also used to treat Premature ejaculation and they can also help a person to getter a deeper, better sleep, which in turn helps to reduce their pain. It's true that the side effects can be bad, such as suicidal thoughts and so on. It's clear that you don't want to try them and that's fine but please be aware that they are a legitimate choice for some people. If want to go the natural route, consultant a naturopathic doctor, that's what I do.


Noca - February 20

Side effects listed by your pharmacist or by or wherever are only POSSIBLE side effects. It does not mean that you will get them all, if any.


Pinxie - February 20

My point is this. anti depressants are given out to people who have perfectly normal serotonin levels to begin with. ie. people who are not depressed. This carries risks in itself of a condition known as seratonin syndrome - this carries many of the same side effects as anti depressants and so and ads to the increase of the possible side effects.

I believe that Anti depressants should be used in non depressed people as a last resort for pain when all other possibilities of relieving pain have been exhausted and not as a cost cutting first line cosh type response. Lets not forget, that once committed to these drugs, you have to either stay on them for the rest of your life or suffer withdrawal and the return of immediate painful symptoms when you come off them and what do you do then when your back to square one?

Pain is normally the body's way of alerting you to the fact that something is very wrong, possibly life threatening. Pain causes fear, and anxiety. fear and anxiety causes stress, stress effects cortisol hormone which affects all the muscles and organs and can causes depression.

But, if you can be taught to not fear the pain of fibro because you understand that it is not life threatening, you can then control and endure the pain symptoms just as much as you can controll it by taking an anti depressant. Doing this by yourself also has many benefits on the psyche by allowing a person full autonomy over their lives, and not feeling they have become firstly enslaved to a physical condition and secondly to have become enslaved to a medical regime.

I wonder how many non depressed people who have gone to the doctors complaining of pain have been offered any other form of pain management techniques before being offered anti depressants.


Sandybeach - February 20

Thanx all..
just logged on to see the many post my log seems to have interested,dunno where to start,some things i agree with and some i dont,yes the fear of fibro doesnt give the right to dish out anti depressants, but as fantod has said in a few post i have read that the longer a pain clycle goes on its harder to deal with.and anti depressants do work for some and not others.ive had a really bad weekend,Again!!!i seem to be getting a lot of nerve pain.i got a codeine intolerance,and cannot take dicloflenac,grrrrrr,my heads all over the place this week as no 1 seems to listen.I get better help off the site off all you loving caring lot,who are going through prob the same symptoms or similar as we know we wake up from one day to the next with something completely differant.The dicloflenac have given me stomach and acid problems and i was having a lot of burning round my back and at side of ribs,now been prescribed ameprazole.Can i ask a question? i seem to think that Americans seem to be more knowledgable than us brits in this illness is it because you got more drs who specialise in this illness?feedback would be good..fantod is amazing with the knowledge she has.i have researched my illness lots,im looking out for some cheap books.if anyone got any info on that too.pinxie im a female age 46 ..had fibro 3 years. right hope everyones ok thanx again to you all and take care xxxx


Fantod - February 20

sandybeach - Purchase "Fibromyalgia for Dummies." You can find it on Amazon for a reasonable price. It has amazingly good, sensible information in it.

I have another suggestion for pain which might help. If you have a good health food store nearby, buy some Curamin. It is a spice that is highly purified for this application. It comes in capsules and works very well. I take it twice a day for breakthrough pain. I really notice a difference when I accidentally run out (never again). You can also find information about Curamin and Tumeric online and ordering purposes too.

I don't know that we have that many doctors that really understand or treat Fibromyalgia (FMS) well. I think that American's on the whole are a lot more aggressive about health care and getting answers. Most American's are not long on patience. There are still plenty of doctors and so called specialists in our medical system that need to be weeded out for their incompetence and lack of caring. I think that there are a lot of doctors who simply don't want to deal with an FMS patient so they won't offer a diagnosis. Most USA FMS patients will confirm that they've had at least one very bad experience with medical care for FMS. I tend to regard any new doctor as a potential problem until proven otherwise. And I certainly will not hesitate to fire them either.

The great thing about this board is that it is a democratic process. Everyone can have a say which can lead to some pretty good discussions. We don't all have to agree on treatment regimens but at least the options,pros and cons are discussed.

I hope that you get some relief from your situation soon. I understand how frustrated and sick of being sick that you are right now. Take care.


kvc33 - February 21

I'm Canadian, Sandybeach. Natural medicine is bigger here than in the US in my experience. As for doctors being knowledgeable about fibro I wouldn't say we have it any better here than in the US and it's hard to qualify for disability whether it's provincial or federal.


Fantod - February 21

Another thought about taking medication for FMS. By taking medication, your body won't need to divert so much energy to fighting the pain and complications of FMS. With pain relief, your immune system can work more efficiently. Amen.



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