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Amitriptyline Dosage
6 Replies
fibrochica - October 14

Does anyone else take 100 mg of amitriptyline? I ask because most of what I have read so far tells me that the norm for dosage is b/n 10mg-50mg. I also think perhaps my Dr is thinking the higher the dosage, the better I will feel -as I had called him Friday during a bad flare and he told me to take OTC meds and upped my amitriptyline from 50mg -100mg. While it is helping me sleep, I wonder if a lower dosage would still help with that? OTC drugs do absoutely nothing to relieve my pain -so I suffered through it. The amit. also tends to give me terrible RLS - when I told the Dr about it, he advised me to take slowmag/magnesium at bedtime w/ the amit. I does seem to work, but I was wondering if anyone else takes these together?

I see my Dr again today and am going to ask for a referral to a Rheumy ( per advise from the wonderful folks in this forum). I am in a very rural town in upstate NY and the nearest Dr is 25 miles away - and unfortunately, it has been my experience, that the truely knowledgable and better Drs are 90 miles away. So, I have been trying to use a closer Dr, but am afraid I may need to take the 3 hr round trip to find a FMS doctor. I have not been able to locate a Rheumy closer to me that has alot of FMS experience. Does anyone use strictly their primary physician?


solanadelfina - October 14

Hi, fibrochica. I just started on amitriptyline and LOVE it. My doctor prescribed 10mg tablets, but suggested that I cut them in half and see if 5mg would do the job. So far, that's been the case. I've been taking magnesium since before starting on it, so I can't say how it would work w/o it.

Are you taking anything for the pain? OTC meds seem to be like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. My tramadol seems to be working okay with the amitriptylene and the only side effect I've had is euphoria, (which is no bad thing. ;) )

As for doctors, my best success has been with an Internist who looked at EVERYTHING instead of the specialists who would react like, "Nope, your (insert symptom) isn't because of this. Sorry, and don't let the door hit you on the way out." Ask if any of the doctors nearby has had any patients with fibromyalgia.


Fantod - October 14

I take 25 mg because I am super sensitive to medication. A higher dose would make me sleep for days. Some people might think that is a great Everyone is different so it is hard to say what a "normal" or standard dose might be when dealing with FMS.

As I mentioned before, OTC medication does not work for FMS. Only certain classes of prescribed medication does. You are absolutely right in your observation that they did absolutely nothing. to relieve your discomfort.

I use Malic Acid to relieve some of the muscle twitching and related symptoms. Basically the same thing you are using to control the RLS. No harm there and a good suggestion.

I think you really need to make that trip to see a rheumotologist. I know its a nusiance but it is important. They would be best suited to work with you to find the right medication and doseage to make you more comfortable. Once you get that established, you may be able to have your local doctor to take over and see the rheumotologist every three months or so.

Have you called the local hospital physician referral service or gone online and registered at the National Fibromyalgia Association website? These may help you identify a doctor that is fibro-friendly. Take care and keep in touch.


Sonja44 - October 15

I use my primary doc as well as my OB/GYN. My OB/GYN has Lupus herself and is well versed in auto-immune diseases. They both do a great job.

I take 10mg of amitriptyline since a bad forearm flare last took time for it to start helping. Massage Therapy gave me the most relief.

Hope you find some relief too...take care.


shaq - October 23

hi,i have been suffering with fibro, for god knows how many years. just got diagnosed about 6 years ago and have been taked amitriptyline since last year 10 mg. it worked wonders til the last few days went to see my Rheumy, he uped the dosage to 25 mg, i don't know but 100 mg seems a lot. Having fibro, means u end up seeing 2 docs, your primary and a rheumy, it seems like fibro is a combination of different disordes.


sassy59 - October 24

I to take Amit........25 mg. Doctor told me to take up to 2 a night. It does not seem to do anything for me, as Doctor stated it should be good for sleep, but not for me. I was talking to a pharmasist about 1 month ago and mentioned this and he suggested Melatonin, a natural pill that replaces the brains normal production of this to help with sleep. IT TRULY WORKS. I have gone from approx 2 complete hours of sleep a night to at least 5. It is totally natural. I still take the Amit as this is supposed to help with the pain part, but I think there must be something better for my case...........


axxie - October 25

Unfortunately for me, I'm allergic to it, so I use trazadone when I have a real bad flare.



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