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nicolahall - April 22

Hi,im 20 and have had really bad back pain for 5 years, i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 months ago, my dr has prescribed me amitriptyline, i took it for a week and it made the pain worse.So my dr doubled the dose and nothing has changed, ive been on this doubled dose for about a month. my dr is now suggesting increasing the dose further. im just wondering what experiences people have had with it-positive and negative? im a bit worried about just increasing the dose.


JJ1 - April 22

What dosages are you taking? I have been taking amytriptyline for several years now. I started with 25 mg and it was not helping any so my dose was doubled to 50 mg/night (two 25 mg tablets). The doc increased my prescription to 75 mg/night when I was suffering through a flare up, but the flare up subsided before I ever started taking the 3rd pill. So now my current prescription is written for three 25 mg tablets/night, but taking just two works just fine so I never take the 3rd. I do have occasional (pretty rare) flare ups but most of the time my pains are pretty minor (a little achy in a toe joint or something small like that). So it works well for me and at this dosage, I have no trouble with weight gain sometimes attributed to amitriptyline.


Fantod - April 24

Hi Nicoahall - I am currently taking 50mg of Amitriptyline too The standard dose for this medication is about 150 mg when it is used to treat depression. It is used at much lower levels to treat FMS. Some FMS patients are treated using Amitriptyline and Cymbalta in tandem. Cymbalta is another antidepressant used to treat FMS. It can be effective at lpwering the perception of pain in FMS patients. Some people use Cymbalta by itself. There are very few classes of drugs that have proved to be effective in treating FMS. These are two of them. I just saw another doctor who believes I should be using Amitriptyline and Cymbalta. Apparently many doctors think Amitriptyline is the be all to end all and are reluctant to make changes especially in the early stages of treatment. Everyone is different in their response to treatment. You must be prepared to be your own advocate when you feel your docotor is not helpful This site and the internet in general has a wealth of information. Best of luck to you . Let us know how you are doing.


Brutus - April 28

My doc put me on 25mg amitriptyline each evening. It made me feel drowsy the whole of the next say, have a dry mouth and blurred vision. I also had night sweats and my wife told me I made weird squeaking noises when asleep. I tried them for a week and then gave them up, so now I am trying to manage without any medication except codeine.


juniesbabes - May 10

I take amytriptyline and I start with low dosage then went up to 40mg and they seem to be doing ok I was given advice to take them a good 2 hours before bed time to help we will see. Dont get me wrong I dont think any pill will completely take away the pain at night but it helps I find them ok as they are suppose to relax you when you sleep I dont sleep that much but i do feel when i do they hel a bit


ladypuddle - May 10

My experiences with Amytriptiline were not positive - I found it made my brain struggle to cope, so I found the pain harder to deal with. I was constipated and just generally couldn't cope.

I took myself off it



Fran - May 22

I take amytriptyline (25 mg) a night and 100 mgs. of Magnesium with it. The combination of the two is supposed to help. If you try it give at least a month or more to see any results. It was my Dr. who told me this . His sister has fibromyelgia and this seemed to help her.


rockfaery - June 15

I took amitryptaline for almost a year and was hospitalized twice with heart problems. After seeing numerous specialists these problems were attributed to the amitryptaline and are apparently quite common for CFS/FMS sufferers! Also had a number of toher side effects from the drug like dry mouth, increased fatigue, weight gain and moodiness. (btw max dose I was on was 40 mg and if you do stop taking it you should slowly decrease the dose rather than just quitting)


banditmilo - July 9

oo Ive heard many not so good storys about amitriptylline. I really think I would go a different way.


banditmilo - July 9

hi, u need to tell him this doesnt work, Ive heard several terrible storys about ammitriptyline-- weight gain is the biggest, but also the not working along w/ heart damage. I would suggest you go a different route!


mssue7d - July 19

Hey,I am new here my name is Mary Sue. I am newly diagnosed.My Doctor just upped my dosage to 100 mg daily. Funny kinda because I was put on Elavil or Amitriptyline back in 2003 just weaned myself off of it last July. I got to the point of being a real ding a ling taking 150 mg for so long so I took myself off of it-I felt more energetic after stopping it but my sleep habits have become disrupted and more of other symtoms are trying to get the better of me. So here I go again,maybe the break helped maybe it didn't but it feels good not waking up at 1,2,3 O'clock in the morning worried to death over everything in life that one has no control over. I think one of my doctors describe this medication as having a larger threshold for pain tolerance. I can't stand for anyone to touch my ribs sometimes I can't sleep it hurts to lie on them(this has been since a Mastectomy} Anyways there are advantages to this medication and disadvantages-everyone is different and affected differently. If your Doctor prescribed it see if it helps you-if it doesn't wean yourself off of it,please don't just stop taking it. Some Meds ,this one for instance, is giving and the dosages are ramped up over time - the weaning process should be the same to work it out of your system. Stopping abruptly can cause some very unpleasant side affects. I hope U feel better soon. Best wishes!


skydreamer55 - July 20

I am new here tonight, just reading this I thought I would tell you what happened to me. My PCP told me in Dec. 06 she thought I had Fibro in addition to my arthritis I had no idea about Fibro at that time and I am still learning. She gave me Amitriptyline 25mg. an told me to take at bed time. I told her it kept me more awake. I was having a sleep problem also but she didn't tell me about CFS and I didn't know. So after a few days I told her it's not helping and went off. In Feb. 07 I went to a new for the arthritis and after much testing she also told me I have Fibro and I was tested and have sleep apnea. She put me on Elavil to try to help me to sleep I didn't know it was the same as Amitriptyline, I took it for 2 nights 25mg. and was out of for days, tired and groggy, so she told me to stop. She tried me on Doxepin 10mg, that made me almost as tired, took it for 2 days and stopped.
I am on Lexapro 75mg. 2x a day and that has helped me some with the Fibro, I ran out of the sample she gave me and the pain is back full force and worse now. I am trying to get my insurance to cover it they denied me.
I was also given Tramadol for pain which has helped just a little in the last few days.


Fantod - July 23

Hello - Amitriptyline is commonly used to treat FMS. Most doctors start with a low dose -25mg and will continue to increase it as needed. You can go up to 150 mg. You might try asking the doctor to consider giving you gabapentin as well. Some of the back pain you are experiencing may be nerve pain. In any event, there are some new studies out that indicate gabapentin (or lyrica) is very effective in treating FMS pain. Good luck and take care.


JJ1 - July 25

Just as an FYI, elavil (amytriptyline) does not have immediate results. I believe they say to give it about 6 wks then adjust the dosage if necessary. As I stated above, I was started at 25 mg and now take 50 mg and it is very effective for me with no side effects, not even weight gain. Getting the much needed REM sleep got rid of my most debillitating aches and pains. I get them on occasion for short periods but nothing like I did before I started taking Elavil. I know it does not work the same for everyone, but I really wouldn't give up on it after a few days. I would be leery of starting at a very high dosage though. I think you should start low and increase if needed. This process could take several months before you start seeing noticeable results.


GraemeK - July 28

Hi Nicolahall - I'm sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with FMS at such a young age. I was 23 when I first started showing FMS symptoms following a heavy collision playing football in 1982, and I'm now 25 years down the track and about to turn 48. I have been down the extremely frustrating path of dealing with conventional doctors and wasting lots of time and money along the way. Earlier this week I put a posting on this website in relation to a great natural product that I have been taking which is really helping me get on top of my FMS symptoms. Please refer to my posting entitled "Promising Natural Product For FMS Sufferers". If you would like to contact me for further information please email me at the address stated in my earlier posting. I have also found a very good device called "Bakballs" which has been devised by an Australian physiotherapist and means that I am now right on top of my back pain and no longer have to have manual teatment performed by a chiropractor - this is a great cost saving! Best wishes to you in your recovery from FMS but please don't waste a lot of time with conventional doctors as my experience has shown that they don't have much to offer except for drugs to control symptoms. Cheers, GraemeK



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