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Am I Likely or Not Likely?
5 Replies
Dave, aged 48. - February 3

I'm totally new to this forum, so can I ask the members if they think I'm likely to have FM or not? Let me say right off that I've been tested over the last 2 years by a great team of GPs, rheumotologist, gastro man and haemotologist for every serious condition known to man.
My symptoms are;-
--electric shock pains on upper back.
--lower back pain and on buttocks.
--lower rib pains and abdomen.
--terrible insomnia.
I must admit the pains aren't very bad, unlike some of you fine people, and I have no depression and no fatigue. For that reason, the Rheumatologist and GP stopped short of diagnosing FM but both mentioned it as a possibility. I also have a history of teeth-clenching while asleep because my dentist made a gum sheild for me. That explained the jaw ache some mornings.
My question, friends, is not to whether FM is possible, but in the opinion of other sufferers, is it LIKELY or not? Does it sound familiar, or too far removed?
I would appreciate your non-medical opinions. I feel I've just been left to cope on my own, prescribed Amitriptoline to help with sleep.


AKFlyfisher - February 1

I would say yes you have it. I clench my teeth in my sleep as well, surprised you dont have more fatigue, that is my worse symptom. I take Elavil as well and it does help the pain and sleep. I constantly wonder if I should quit working or not as I feel so crappy all the time. I decided to quit going to the docs, I have IBS as well, fatigue and joint/backpain. I can fall asleep fine, but dream all night.


louise - February 1

the muscles,over my whole body,feel as if I have been working out with weights ,to heavy for me, all day.( they burn and hurt. ) then the fatigue and weakness feels like I ran a marathon all night. some morning I can barely get out of bed . but this condtion effects everyone differently . Do these doctors you've seen ,believe in this condition, as a lot don't .


Dave, aged 48 - February 1

To AKFlyfisher-- I think clenching teeth might be internal pain going on elsewhere in the body whilst asleep, and teeth-clenching a natural reaction to it. Thanks for your reply. The Gastro-enterologist had a camera into my rear end and said he could see some IBS (visible signs of irritation). But what is Elavil?

To Louise-- The Rheumotologist definately believes in the condition, but said I only had half the usual sumptoms.


KimR - February 3

I was just diagnosed and I haven't had depression either, but had 14/18 tender points, and I thought I felt good that day. I only had one severe episode of fatigue and flu like symptoms that I noticed. I think I brought it on due to stress since I had regional chest/left underarm pain and burning and thought for sure I had breast cancer, which stressed me out. I have a few sharp pains in my lower ribs, no real insomnia, but wake up tired and have long dreams that feel like I'm watching a movie. I clench my teeth also and have the gum shield for years too. I find that I'm not depressed but I feel more sensitive and sadness for some people and stories on the news, etc. I read on one of the sites that FM has a reactive type of depression. Hope this helps.


dave - February 3

Hi Dave,fybromyalgia does strike in many different forms,but it is the way it strikes for everyone it is a little different.I'm glad that the pain level is low for you.Maybe you should try a fitness class in water,it will make you muscles work a little with not to much pressure and hopefully will help you to sleep at night.....good luck



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