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Alternative Medicine
5 Replies
judi - January 26

Larry, I agree with you that what the holistic doctors offer seem to help better than any prescription medication. However, I have good medical and prescription coverage with NO help for alternative medicine. Can you suggest a website that might be beneficial. Thanks.


larry - January 26

Hi judi, this is probably the longest post on history. I spent the last 5 years working with naturopathic doctors and then going to medical doctors for verification and checks and balances. To me, the naturopathic docs are far superior (My Iridologist was the best!) in the diagnosing area and in my case were 5 years ahead of the medical doctors in determining what was going on in my body. Additionally, when I asked both medical and naturopathic doctors how do we fix this problem both doctors have COMPLETELY different responses. The medical doctor (endocrinologist) never picked up that I had a thyroid problem and a glandular imbalance (even 5 years after I had ½ my thyroid removed). He said that my thyroid was just fine, lab tests are ok and we don't need to do anything and you should not have anyone mess with your glands. It was my GP that finally picked up the problem only because I had a physical symptom that he could see- 50 lbs weight gain. (My other symptoms were dismissed by the medical doctors- however I had plenty of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants and advice to exercise as I am getting older.) Only then did the GP prescribe a synthetic thyroid hormone, synthroid which only delivers one of the necessary hormones, thus the reason why so any people are still sick. The Medical doctors said the glands are very complex and we shouldn't and don't do anything with them. The naturopathic doctors address the imbalances and any dis-ease in the body by utilizing many different doctor modalities. They are holistic, looking at the body as a whole, not just a specialized part of the body. However, this also can be a weakness. Like medical doctors, some are good and some are not so good. I learned that in my experience that both traditional and alternative have their strengths and weaknesses. In my works with naturopathic doctors I needed to be able to have the proof and feedback in the forms of blood tests or something scientific. Since alternative medicine is sort of new (to the US) I still wasn’t convince that I was getting better or was as sick as I was told by the naturopathics. After all, I didn’t have a lot of physical symptoms years ago and in our country we act on symptoms. Over the years the symptoms did progress until I had full blown fibro. My naturopathic/chiro doc did miss that my shoulder pain, feet pain, back pain and anemia, were from the HTP disconnect. The naturopathic’s approach to wellness is much slower as it focuses on rebuilding and adjusting diet, etc. I feel too many are still allopathic like traditional medicine. When I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism by my GP, I knew I had full blown fibro. I only took the synthroid for one week as I knew the weakness of synthroid and that I would then spend another 5 years trying to teach and convince the medical doctors that my problems are real and then only to have them experiment with pharmaceuticals on me. So when I found the Fibro and Fatigue centers I was very impressed as they are holistic and knew what was going in my body and had the medical research to back it up. They use intergrative medicine as they also use supplements to rebuild and repair. In the 1st of the 6 stages they focus on the symptoms, making you comfortable and stablized, unfortunately this is where most doctors stop. In my opinion I would look for a medical doctor that is also holistic and intergrative -incorporating natural remedies into the healing protocol. So far the fibro and fatigue centers are right on, in my opinion, in dealing with this di-ease. They match the naturopathic diagnosis and yet are very aggressive on the treatment. I wanted and needed aggression. I was only formally diagnosed in September however because I had 5 years experience in working with naturopathic doctors, I didn’t want to waste any more of my time convincing, teaching and experiementing with my medical doctors about this problem. It was at this time that I read Mary Sholom’s book “Living well with Hypothyroidism, what your doctor doesn’t tell you that you need to know”. It angered me to learn that my entire experience with this syndrome could have been prevented if the doctor’s were updated and following the guidelines of the American Endocrinologist Association. Only about 10% of the doctors do therefore there is an epidemic of hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia that is undiagnosed and could have been prevented. This book revealed that unless you look at the body holistically (which our American doctors are not trained to do) you could spend many years treating the symptoms ie., anemia is a symptom, IBS is a symptom, aches and pains, insomnia, carpal tunnel, headaches, hypoglycemia, vision changes, low body temp, vertigo problems, heart palpitations, memory problems, Poly cystic ovary syndrome, irregular menstruation, restless leg syndrome, dry skin, puffy eyes, numbness and tingling in hands and legs- these are all just the symptoms of an imbalance in one’s body. My hope is to save many people many years of running around to specialized doctor’s (ie., neurologist, podiastrist, optometrist, gastro-internal doctor, cardiologist, etc). I also hope that when you pick a doctor that you expect more than compassion, good listening skills and understanding, my wish for you is to expect results. There are questions for you to ask in interviewing and finding a doctor that is right for you on the website Additionally, Mary Sholom’s website has a list of good thyroid doctors but they are not necessarily holistic. I do hope this helps you. You have to do what is most comfortable for you. Medical Insurance does cover most of the Fibro centers program. ……..In conclusion, there is not one day that goes by that where I don’t think about sueing my doctors for not keeping updated. Especially the doctor that said “the thyroid is no big deal, people have them removed everyday in Finland. We’ll just take it out and you will be back to work in a week.” Well the thyroid is a BIG deal! I’ve had vertigo problems ever since. If I can pick up a paperback book and learn that one becomes hypothyroid if you had your thyroid touched by biopsy, had iodine testing, whiplash, surgery, after stressful events, exposure to certain items and if I can learn what tests to ask for and how to read the test results to get a proper fibro or thyroid diagnosis, why can’t our doctors? (Nearly 100% of fibro patients have hypothyroidism.) I hope my history can help someone, unfortunately it is NOT an isolated case, 29 million people a month read Mary Sholom’s website for this reason. There are millions of fibro patients out there that are mis-diagnosed by their doctors or are believing that their problems are age related or menopause. WRONG! Good luck and best wishes everyone, thanks for reading.


judi - January 27

Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed information. I just logged on and quickly read your reply, but will have to read a few times to fully understand. I was diagnosed 2 months ago at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL. Well, today I went to a rheumatogist who does not feel that I have FM bad enough for my symptoms. She said that she believes my symptoms are all side effects from Interferon treatment for Hep. C. I agree these symptoms all occured during treatment and did not go away when it was stopped. She said sometimes it takes years to get over, sometimes you never recover. Either stinks!!! She said that she uses chemo drugs for arthritis patients never knowing what side effect will occur. The only reason she gives it to them is for pain relief. Next step will definetely be alternative medicine. I refuse to feel this way forever! Thanks again!!!


JJ1 - January 27

Sorry, Larry, but I think I asked this before but can't remember (fibro fog, lol). Are you "cured"?


teresat - January 27

Judi, a lot of people develope FMS after an illness. I believe that the Hep-C & the treatment that you had to go through (Interferon treatments are VERY NASTY!!), could very well have triggered your FMS!


larry - January 27

Hi JJ!, I am in phase 4 of the 6 phase program at the Fibro and Fatigue center. Just this week I noticed that I do not have that paralysis feeling anymore, you know when you wake up and your body doesn't move yet . I also lost 6 lbs in the last 12 days effortlessy. Which has been impossible prior to treatment.



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