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Allergy to Titanium Dioxide and itching
6 Replies
Polarbearcub - January 10

Hi All, I am new here. I was wondering if anyone else has an allergy to titanium dioxide. It's found in most pills. In me it causes severe itching. On a light day it will be behind my knees. At other times, under my arms will also itch and at it's worse it feels like I am itching everywhere. No rash, just the itching. This is not the itching that feels like bugs are on you. It's plain itching like from an allergy and it's severe enough to cause eczema, bleeding ect?
It took me 5 years to figure it out. I seem to be allergic to every drug and I knew that could not be possible. Thanks


Noca - January 11

Isnt Titanium Dioxide only found in the capsule not the drug itself? Maybe try emptying the contents of your pills into a drink and take them that way. Or you could try Fentanyl patches as they got none of that junk in it and they are great for chronic pain.


Canada17 - January 11

Be sure to check with your doctor/pharmacist about opening capsules. Some medications must enter the stomach in the capsule and use the acids to dissolve the capsule. This is because some medications can cause you harm if ingested without the capsule.

Sometimes there are different forms of medications that you may be able to try that may not have the titanium dioxide in them, your pharmacist should also be able to help you with this.

Fentanyl patches can work well but they should be used with extreme caution as they can cause serious side effects. They generally take a while to kick into effect (sometimes days) and sometimes when they do they are too much for your body and then you have to wait it out while the medication cycles through your body.

I know I suffer from itching as a general symptom. My doctor recommended rubbing olive oil/baby oil all over my body before taking a shower. Tap water is full of stuff that can dry us out and cause us irritation. Perhaps you have this and the allergy to titanium dioxide is just making it worse.

Aveno makes a great oatmeal bath additive that is great for itching.

Good luck :)


Fantod - January 11

I'd serously consider investing in shower filtration system. Aqua sauna makes a good one and it isn't horribly expensive. Yo can find them online.

I'd also consider talking to a compound pharmacy to see if there is anyway to formulate your medication without using titanium dioxide. There are compound pharmacies everywhere. Look in the ohone book or google "compound pharmacy" and name of your city to find one.

Take care.


Polarbearcub - January 12

Hi, Actually it is used to make things very white or hard so it has nothing to do with the capsule. It's used in many things like chewing gum. With Neurontin it's only not in the brand name tablets. It is actually in the fentanyl patch and most other drugs. It is in all the drugs designed for fibro. :-(


Polarbearcub - January 12

I am 100% positive it is the titanium dioxide. :-( I also have general metal allergies. Had to have all my dental fillings replaced. ugh! I do have dry skin and I use a prescription lotion after every shower. But I don't itch unless I consume or wear titanium. or am exposed to other allergens. I have tested this for 6 months. Gome to the allergist for years. What I did not know until I started looking was how many other things it is in, so now I have to check everything I buy. It is in skittles and M&M's. It is found in oil based paint and I will break out in hives around paint. I think because the concentration is high. It's also in make-up. I have found a compound pharmacy so now I get to go fight with the insurance company, my favorite pasttime. :-0 Well I was hoping I was not alone. Since ithing seem sot be so constant in fibro I was thinking maybe someone had this problem. Thanks for all your replies.


axxie - January 12

Polarbearcub, titanium dioxide, hypersensitivity reactions, I've been at the hospital twice. Keep away from everything that has it, drink loads of water, water that has gone through some filtration, I use Brita for my drinking water and reverse osmosis. It's by eliminating your hypersensitivity that you will be able to gain control and be able to take some of the medication, when I mean some, I mean very little.



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