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All the doctors think im depressed
4 Replies
Noel - July 1

Just over 2 years ago i hurt my back, nothing too serious just a bulging disc and some degeneration. Shortly afterwards i started to urinate loads(upto 20 times per day) and worst of all i started to wet the bed at night.A few months after this is when the real problems started, pain in left shoulder, left arm, lower back, elbows, pain in lower legs, dizziness, memory problems, itching on my arms, rashes on arms, tingling of left arm and hand, finger drop on left hand(1 digit), weakness of limbs and i'll save the worst til last...fatigue. I've had an mri of the upper spine and brain, this was normal. Since then i've been referred to a physiciatrist(i know thats spelt wrong) who says im suffering from depression and that is causing all my problems, my general practioner also agrees with this. I have explained til im blue in the face that i wasnt depressed at the onset of my illness and that this has happened as a direct result of my physical problems but its like banging your head against a wall. Im really at the end of my tether with this, does this sound like fibromyagia? I've been referred to a pain clinic and im hoping they can shed some light on it, have asked doctor to refer me to a rheumatoligist but he refused on the grounds that my symptoms are caused by depression. Thanks in advance for any replies


Anne - June 30

I had a fall three years ago, i have been having pains in my shoulders and back ever since, most recently my knees,elbows, legs and feet, was put on antidepresents last nov.for 6 months.was diagnosed yesterday with fybromyalgia by a rheumatoligist.


Lynne - June 30

I fell in 2004 and pretty much had the same thing happpen it took a year for my FMS to be diagnosed. The pain spread from my neck, shoulders and upper back to my whole body with the onset of all the other FMS symptoms increasing, I have been diagnosed for 1 year as of June of last year. Yes depression hurts but it is also the pain that depresses us sort of a so called vicious circle.


Jozette - July 1

I had to switch my regular doctor to get answers myself. Also, my insurance didn't need a referral to see a specailist. Call your insurance company to see if you need one or not and just make an appointment yourself. I had to do this before I switched my doctor that blamed everything on anxiety. Now I have a decent general practitioner because I was persistant. You need to be to get answers. I started my symptoms April 2nd 2006 and I have already been diagnosed as of June 27th (Tuesday). Hang in there and start telling these doctors what you want and need and if they can't do it for you than move on to the next.


Noel - July 1

Thanks for the replies,however the main point of my post is whether or not any of the fm sufferers on this forum would say that my symptoms match those of fm! I live in the uk and over here we need a referral from our gp's before being able to see a specialist, we dont have medical insurance in the uk in the same way that other parts of the world do. I will try and find a support forum in the uk and see if they can help



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