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Karkel - January 14

anyone symptoms get worse when you drink and if so why ?


kvc33 - January 15

I can not drink at all. Alcohol is a poison and most people with fibro will feel worse from consuming it. It also depends on whether you are talking about beer, wine, or hard liquor. Each has substances in them that a person can be very sensitive to. Why do you want to drink?


Fantod - January 15

Alcohol is a depressant. And, it contains ingredient like nitrates which trigger higher levels of pain in FMS people.


Lee2010 - January 15

If you are on any kinds of medication at all - you just flat out shouldn't drink. Certain meds, when mixed with alcohol, have a much higher instance of ruining your liver. This leads to needing a liver transplant, or worse, death. It's not a risk worth taking. Add that to what kvc33 and Fantod have said, and it just doesn't seem like something anyone with FMS should do. I used to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner each night, and now I have a drink about once every few months - and usually I can't finish it. The taste just doesn't seem the same to me any more. Please take care. Those of us with FMS have enough to worry about, adding unnecessary health risks is something that we should all try to stay away from.
Hang in there,


kiwiang - January 16

I am finding it harder and harder to tolerate alcohol, I am learning what I can and can't have by how bad I feel the next day. I used to drink still wine now can only have a glass of bubbly, dark spirits are a BIG no no...but I can still have the odd vodka and soda.Alcohol even tastes different to.


George - January 16

This is a good question. I think it s almost universal for cfs or fm patients: - alcohol makes it worst immediately.

I am surprised that no any scientific research has not been done to such obvious symptom.

But to me it seems that fm is some kind of arthritis, since with alcohol i get immediate joint pain.



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