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Airplane travel?
5 Replies
solanadelfina - August 13

Hello again! I've been planning for a few months to take a jaunt to England for a friend's wedding, and now I'm wondering how wise an eight hour flight would be. My dizziness has been getting much worse lately, to the point where I had to pull myself to my feet by holding onto the bookshelves. I'm also planning on traveling by myself, which I've done before but not since my diagnosis. My body is saying to stay home but my mind is saying that I have better days away from work and that my friends worked around my fibro at our last party. Any tips for making traveling a little easier? My thanks.

Oh, and another idea for how to make this pay off for us- weather forecaster on a cruise ship. And to make certain that our symptoms are aggravated by only storms, not other causes, we'd need free and complete access to the spa. :)


mimosette - August 14

Are you trying meclazine for the dizziness? Works great for me.


Fantod - August 14

Sounds like a wonderful time to me! I'd be sure that I had arrangements for a wheelchair at both ends of the flight. That way you can conserve energy when negotiating the airport. I'd also ask for handicapped seating which is by the bulk head that allows for more leg room. Because of your balance problems, youu might want to purchase a cane with a tripod on the bottom for extra support. And, if you can build in any extra time to allow better adjustment to the time change I think that would be helpful too. Bon voyage!


FibroGal - August 16

I agree with the others. Go! Do what you can to prevent/alleviate the ear problems and dizziness on the flight (i.e., Dramamine, a wrist band, chew gum, etc.) Drink plenty of water to help prevent/alleviate jet lag. Be sure and walk around on the flight now and then, though. Remember, it prevents blood clots. But, by all means, go! I think you will be glad you did.


solanadelfina - August 17

Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions. However, after getting ferociously sick after three hours in a movie theater, to the point where I almost fell in the theater twice and also getting some nasty nausea from my blood sugar getting messy, I have decided that an eight hour flight is unwise at this particular time. I am planning to go see an internist on the twenty-fifth, and my mom's best friend has been speaking to the fibro people at the Mayo to maybe help me on both problems.

It's all right, though. I do need the rest right now, with work getting crazy and my walking/standing ability getting worse, and I can maybe go visit my friend in the future. My mom also offered that she and I would use the credit to go somewhere, and I have always wanted to go visit the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. We're also going to go the Renaissance Faire, opening day on my b-day, on Middle Eastern weekend. I've never gone that weekend and can't wait to break out my bellydance stuff!

Next time, when I do feel ready, I will definitely use everyone's suggestions to make it a smooth trip. God bless you all and grant us strength. :)


FibroGal - August 18

Wow, sola! I'm really sorry to hear about that! What made you get so sick? Well, it sounds like you have some fun stuff to look forward to as well as a good take on things. Just pace yourself. You'll eventually get to the places you want to go.



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