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Ages Please
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tnichel - March 18

I noticed that there are quite a few new people here now. While reading over posts the past few months I have seen a lot of good insight, encouragement, and ways of thinking about things. The one major thing that stands out to me though is how old some of us are. Some of you haven't even hit 25 yet but you have soooooo much insight and wisdom that it kind of takes me back when I realize how old you are.

I'm asking everyone to please let us know how old you are and how long you've been dealing with fms. It seems to me that we're so mature and wise b/c of what we've had to deal with...even as early as our teenage years.

Others here are a wealth of info, like Fantod. I don't mean to make you feel bad or be insulting. But it makes me wonder when I'm your age, how wise and adjusted to this condition I will be. So if you don't mind, please list your age, sex, and number of years with fms. I think it will be interesting to everyone here.


Noca - March 18

I'm 23 years old, turning 24 on July 1st.


bbass - March 18

I'm 35,female, diagnosed almost a year ago. suffered the body pain for 5 years, but ibs, and pms suffered with since puberty.


bwelladjusted - March 18

I'm 19 (20 in June),female, and I was diagnosed a year ago.


lacie - March 19

I'm 20, turning 21 this year. I've had fibromyalgia for 3 years.


cathymg - March 19

Im new just turned 35 march 9 suffering since i was 15. chronicly severe and landed up in bed in 2007 and bearly diagnossed last year nobody belived my symptoms. till this day i have people tell me i look perfectly fine its all in my head i feel so alone.


Noca - March 19

oh and I've been in chronic pain since I was 18. Didn't get diagnosed with fibromyalgia until earlier this month.


solanadelfina - March 19

I'm 25, diagnosed just after my 24th b-day, first symptoms started when I was 16.


bmcgovern - March 19

I'm 22. Turning 23 July 12th. Have been suffering since i was 12 years old.


jrzgirl - March 19

female and 61, was just diagnosed this month


iliveinpain - March 20

I'm 55, female, and I was diagnosed in 2001, but suffered with pain for many years before that.


Fantod - March 20

Female, 56, Feb 2007. Always had a history of poor sleep, "growing pains" as a kid and multiple sensitivities to medication.


axxie - March 21

I'm 53 female birthday coming up in April and marriage anniversary in May, was diagnosed in 2005, after a freak accident, was a long time before I went back to work part time this year.


jerzeegirl - March 21

Female, 41, dealing with FMS for as long as I can remember... as early as age 7, oh those wonderful "growing pains".
Diagnosed in 2005 by my primary care doctor after many tests then a month later by my Rhuemetologist, of course after more tests.
Do not know if Fibro gets worse as we get older or we are just so "done" with it that we are less able to deal with it.... or perhaps the flairs cycles more frequently???


powderblue - March 22

I'm 36. Diagnosed with FMS when I was 24. Symptoms came on very quickly. Over the years I as I have read about some of the symptoms ssociated with FMS there were signs that I could develop it prior to that. I have always been sensitive to the light and started getting irritable bladder problems three years before the onset of pain. When I was 17 I had remember having really bad earache which could have been tempro-mandibular joint pain which I've heard can be associated with this disorder.


ptalana - March 22

I'm 48 years old, but will be 49 on April 21st. Holy cow, when did that happen??? I was diagnosed about two years ago, following an accident at work. It took three years of testing to get my diagnosis. I guess I was one of the lucky ones as it seems so many have gone many, many years without any answers.


Kiwigirl - March 22

I am 49 years old, Female from New Zealand.Diagnosed last year after about 15 years of what the Doctors had decided was OOS.



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