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Afraid I'm going mad.
4 Replies
Amethyst Angel - May 21

I've always been unnerved by the little mental hiccups I've experienced with Fibromyalgia. Now I have a new problem: I've been waiting for a package to arrive in the mail recently. The post office says they delivered it but I don't have it and don't remember receiving it. They gave me a number by which I can call my route carrier, but I'm afraid to call it lest they tell me that they indeed did deliver it in person. (I simply can't remember receiving a package that day at the time they said they delivered it! And it was one that I was anticipating a lot so I'm sure I would have remembered if I had gotten it.) What am I to do? Can fibromyalgia cause brief periods of amnesia like this? Is there something more ominous going on in my head, or am I just getting all worked up over nothing?

Sigh. Sorry to bother you with this silly question, but it's causing me no end of worry...


JJ1 - May 21

I blame it on "fibro-fog", but suspect some of my forgetfulness is also a symtom of perimenopause. If the package was delivered, wouldn't you see it sitting around? If you can't find it, I would assume it wasn't delivered and call your route carrier as suggested. You may be getting all worked up over nothing.


PEGGY - May 21

befor you get too stressed out absouletly confirm it was delivered to your address you know the world we live in maybe you weren't home or didn't hear them i know sometimes they leave them on your porch maybe someone took it. hope you get to the bottom of this don't be so quick to blame yourself take a deep breath and start checking all avenues best of luck peggy


hellou - May 22

It's easy sometimes to blame fibro for everything. I bet that you really have not received the package but because you are used to being forgetful you think that it is an error on your part. it's so difficult to manage this illness. I visited a friends house for the first time last week and she insisted that I had been there before. I knew full well that I had not but because she does not have FMS and I do every one believed her and looked at me as though I must be going mad. It made me really angry. We FMS sufferers do get labelled! Try not to worry and believe in yourself. Good luck


Amethyst Angel - May 24

Well, I left a notice in the building asking if anyone else got the package, that they should deliver it to me. If this doesn't pan out, there's not much else I can do since the post office says they delivered it to me. -_- Hopefully I'll get this straightened out some day...



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