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Affordable Care Act for USA - Please read
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axxie - September 23

It wasn't supposed to be like this. When Democrats front-loaded the Affordable Care Act with consumer protections set to kick in six weeks before Election Day, they never imagined health care reform itself would stay so unpopular. The newest reliable poll on public opinion on the new law, sponsored by the Associated Press, shows that 40% of Americans oppose the new law, with 30% saying they have no opinion and just 30% favoring it.

Opposition to the overhaul has remained strong despite efforts by the Obama Administration and pro-health reform advocacy groups to turn the tide. The reason, they say, is that Americans are confused about how the law will work. There's some truth to this notion, with polls consistently showing that Americans dislike the law overall, but like many of the law's components when asked about them individually. Polls also show misconceptions are common. The AP survey, for instance, indicates that 65% of people believe the law will probably increase the federal deficit, despite estimates that the law will reduce the federal debt by some $140 billion over ten years.
(Read about the first victims of health care reform.)

The Administration is banking on a massive public education campaign about a set of insurance regulations that kick in today to increase support for health reform. Other numbers from the new AP poll, however, suggest how hard that will be. When asked a series of quiz-like questions about new rules already in place — like tax credits for small business — along with the popular insurance regulations that kick in today — like new coverage rules for children — most respondents are already familiar with them and understand how they work, even as they misunderstand more distant changes to the health care system. Additionally, some of the provisions taking effect are fairly narrow in scope, meaning a relatively small number of Americans will be personally impacted by them.


Fantod - September 24

Sadly, many of the plans are completely unaffordable for most Americans. The rates are based by state and some of them are outrageous to say the least.



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