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Advice for someone new to the forum
7 Replies
Shau Marie - September 18

I am looking for advice from anyone who can help me deal with this. I am in the diagnostic stage of FMS and I already have MS. I have been spending my time blaming MS and all the time hurting like never before. i have a program that helps my MS and is natural. I have been off of it for many months due to the diagnosis stage. My symptoms are many and right now chest and back pain are horrible, I have a lot of I think they call it fibro-fog problems. I have headaches and pain all over. Last night in ER I sobbed while they took my blood pressure. Thats just not like me, but it hurt so terribly. Any advice on what works for you or how to get a clear diagnosis. Thanks :) "Keep smiling through the pain and live to see good days again"


txsunsets - September 18

Shau Marie, I ended up going to a nuerologist and he is the one that diagnosed me. I have also had a second opinion that said the same thing. I am going thru the same things you are. My back hurts all the time where it is hard just to get up and sometimes i need the help of my kids. I am experiencing fibro-fog also. Migraines have been a big issue for me too. I had to go to the ER sunday and was crying like crazy. I suggest you find a doctor that actually knows about fibro and make an appt and maybe he will be able to diagnose you. I am so sorry you are having a hard time.


Fantod - September 18

Have you seen a rheumotologist that treats Fibro (FMS)? Another option is a pain specialist. I have both. Go to the National Fibromyalgia website or call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a fibro friendly doctor. Unfortunately, FMS is still not widely recognized and you have to be your own best advocate. The blood pressure cuff is a nightmare for me too - it really hurts. I can not understand why someone is not giving you something for pain. Cymbalta is an antidepressant that works pretty well for FMS pain. Other options are Gabapentin and Lyrica. It was not my experience that it took forever to get a firm diagnosis. A complete blood panel to rule out the thyroid etc and the pressure point test was all that was needed. Unfortunately, I think you are going to have to find another doctor or do some serious table pounding to get some proper attention. I realize (and my heart goes out to you) that your MS complicates the picture. I just feel that there is absolutely no reason for you to be in this situation. If you are not able to handle this yourself, have someone you trust read the information on this site, discuss it together and take them to your next appointment to speak on your behalf. Good luck and take care.


Shau Marie - September 24

Thanks for your kind words txsunsets. You have been very helpful to mesince I started the forum. fantod I also thank you for your help. I am now on Gabapentin and it is giving me some relief. Doc says this further confirms his suspicions of Fibro. I take the smallest dose, but due to sensitivity to meds among many other things I will stay on the low dose for the time beng. I find I have many trade offs with Helpfulness of the drug and side effect or sensation loss to be exact. Time will tell. Thanks all of you again. I see the doc on the 7th and maybe I will get somewhere this time.


goldilox - September 30

Hi Shau Marie :)

Paths Fibromyalgia Release worked for me.
Haven't had symptoms for over a year and a half!

You can find it at or Google it.

Hope this helps.
Look after yourself. xxx


randiew123 - October 2

OMG!!!!! I believe I have FMS just have not got diagnosed yet need to bad. Taking care of other medical problems first. You guys talking about the blood pressure cuff being a nightmare--- it just hit me. That has be happening to me for years. I thought it was just because I had gained so much weight. I am so glad someone said that.!!!!! It explains so much.


Shau Marie - October 3

goldilox, thanks I will check it out. :) randiew hang in there, right down any symptom you can recall no matter how crazy it sounds and good luck to you. I have still not got a diagnosis, but they are coming around. I hate it when they dismiss how I feel, but they can't get rid of me. I need to find out what is happening to me.


trans - October 7

Hi Shau Maire,
A rheumatologist is the only one that can give a definitive diagnosis on fibro. My doc specializes in fibro and MS. I have 3 meds I take to try and manage and get the best quality of life possible but it is a challenge I have to face everyday. Don't worry about crying in the ER, you are only human and this can wear a person down to the bone, it is overwhelming and always a challenge. I have had this more than 36 years and I know a good attitude and keep fightin it is huge on how a person feels. Finding a good doc is key, I would research in the state you are in. Are they sure you have MS, there is a lot of similarities. May God Bless you and hold you up when you can't. Rosie



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