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adolescent fibromyalgia
3 Replies
TBlanch - December 8

need someone to talk to my teenage daughter has just been diagnoised w/ fibromyalgia, now what are we facing?


Joni - December 8

Dear TBlanch, With Fibro, there are good days & bad days. Sorry your teenage daughter was diagnosed with this. Tell her, when you have a good day, don't overdue it or you will pay for it. I find esp the 2nd day after working hard it hits me bad with pain. If there is an activity I plan to attend, I try to "bank" energy for several days b4, then plan down time several days after. When you are tired, sleep. Don't make let people make you feel guilty for being "lazy". They do not understand! Fibro will not cripple you (altho there may be days u feel like it) & it will not shorten life span. Do things that are nice for yourself everyday! Little things that don't have to cost money. Please learn ways to cope and each day ask yourself "What can I do that is nice for me today." It may be taking a long bubble bath, listening to your favorite song, lighting a candle or giving/receiving a hug. Anything that you can do to appease the senses is very helpful as we are sensitive to all 5 senses. Be around people who move you in a positive direction. we need more public awareness on this terrible illness! It is NOT in your head. You are NOT a hypochondriac or crazy! Many symptoms go with fibromyalgia and it is REAL! Try to stay relaxed, less stress, upbeat if you can (it is tough!) Knowledge is power, research as much as you can. Many try to alter their diet to eliminate processed foods, pop, tomatoes, citrus, sugar,etc & say that it helps. We understand what you are going through. I hope you have better days & learn to adjust to live with this terrible disorder/condition/illness. Sorry for your pain, no fun to live that way... Just know there are people who care & do understand! Hugs...Joni


Jean - December 8

Did a Rheumatologist diagnose her? How old are we talking early teen-late teens? Go to this web site and earn all you can and have your daughter read it also. Has she been put on any medications as yet? Has she or you as her mother been offered any information on a physcologist to talk to? The reason why I say that is because sometimes Fibromyalgia paiteints are put on antidepressants and I only trust psychiatrists in montoring these types of mendications. Go to :


Jean - December 8

Also go to this site:
this will help you and your daughter and other family relations to understand what is going on because your daughter will need the support and it will be good for her friends to understand because this peer pressure is hard at this stage of the game. If you have other questions I'll be hear to answer them usually around this time at night and later. Lots of hugs.



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