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Adderall-posted in drug forum today
4 Replies
fibroguy - September 14


I just posted in Fibromyalgia Drugs forum about my experience adding Adderall to my other medications. I hope I don't annoy anyone asking for comments in this forum, sorry if I have.

It's a long post so I won't repeat it and take up space here.

I'm looking to see if others have had any experience like/unlike mine.


Stacey373 - September 15

I originally replied to this post in the drug section on here. But after thinking about it...I copied my reply and pasted it here too so that I can make sure everyone sees this.....

I have to say that I have a problem with taking Adderall for energy. My 2 daughters are both ADHD and my oldest daughter takes Adderall ER 30mg daily.

Adderall is an "upper" and even my daughter's prescription is called (generic form) Amphetamine Salt. The reason this medication works for her and ADHD people is because it does the exact opposite to slows them down. If you don't have ADHD it will speed you up. So basically, you are taking a "legal" form of speed.

This medication is monitored VERY closely. I can't even get her refills the normal way. I have to actually pick up a paper prescription from her doctor's office (sign for it with ID) and then hand deliver it to the pharmacy to be filled. I can't just call in her refills like you can with other medications.

From what I understand, it can also be highly addictive for people who take it for other reasons (Not ADHD). I just want to tell you all this so that you will be very careful if you are taking this medication. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - September 15

By the way....Fibroguy...I just wanted to tell you that I don't think you can annoy any of us on here! Please feel free to post whatever you want, vent, ask questions, whatever....The people on here are a really good group and you can talk about anything!

I really hope I didn't offend you with my other post about the Adderall. I just want to make sure everyone knows the risks of taking that medication.

Welcome to the Forum! We don't have many guys on here (I think Noca is the only guy that posts regularly on this forum) so it would be nice to hear what experiences you are having with this illness. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Kaia-angel - October 4

i agree with stacey.. i have had ADHD as long as i can remember, and my fibro started as early as 15, but didnt get really bad till after my 1st daughter was born in 2008. i am 25 and i take 10mg Adderall 2xs a day, on most days anyway.
Adderall (generic name AMPHETEMINE SALT) that right there should let you know it isnt a medicine to "experiment" with. having adhd when i take adderall it slows me down, more than i already am due to my low ability to function b/c fibro. but it is a serious medication and should only be taken by those having ADHD!! im no Dr but i have taken this a long time and it has NEVER helped my fibro pain! if anything, it gets worse b/c i get worse headaches, my IBS is horrible (i.e. i run to the bathroom all day)I do like this medicine for ADHD, but it shouldnt be used off lable for energy.
im not sure if this applies in all areas but i live in new orleans, and in Louisiana a person must be DIAGNOSED ADHD by a licensed Psychiatrist. also every month i have to go to my psych and pick up my hard copy of my rx b/c it is something dangerous if taken by someone w/o adhd.. its potential for abuse is extreme. Personally i would rather risk a dependency on Pain medication than a dependency on Adderall.. its basically the legal/controlled form of MethAmphetemine. Just please be careful taking this.But i am glad you have a dr who is willing to try different things to help you. we all go through tons of drs just to find the one who will work with us. good luck!
~sorry if i sound rude but i just worry.. its hard enough for us with fibro to make it through the day, adderall may make you have bad side effects, and screws up my sleep.. take it easy:)


Stacey373 - October 6

Thank You kaia-angel! If you read the other posts in the drug forum, I think I said exactly the same things you said. I thought I was all on my own with this one...thankfully you backed me up with this!

Adderall is a very scary drug and everyone needs to be aware of what it REALLY is and what it does to people who do not have ADHD/ADD.



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