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ADD, ADHD, Fibro connection?
3 Replies
lucky13 - December 1

Has anyone experanced this or talked to thier Drs about this. In doing more research on treatments before my own Drs appt, I found info that suggest that not only may there be a connection but the stimulant drugs used to tread ADD actually help with the fibro pain. I've always joked about having ADD, but in reading the symptoms, it is quiet possible that I do.
The info I found was at addfibro dot com.
Any feedback would be appretiated.


Noca - December 2

I got ADD but im not sure I have Fibro. Drugs have changed my life for the better including ADD meds.


Canada17 - December 2

While I can understand how a connection can be made between ADD and FM I don't think they are one and the same.

There are definitely symptoms of FM that mimic ADD/ADHD but most of our symptoms mimic other conditions.

Fibro Fog can be very distracting and cause problems concentrating. Also, our pain, headaches, flare ups, and lack of proper sleep will also cause cognitive problems, but that does not mean we have ADD.

While medications for ADD may help with our symptoms, the same can be said for anti-seizure medications and anti-depressants; that doesn't mean we all have epilepsy and depression though.

I would strongly advise that you speak with your doctor about your research, if you have already been diagnosed with FM, the ADD symptoms that you are feeling could simply be attributed to a lack of proper restorative sleep or even any medication you may be on.

Also remember, if you take a medication that has indications for conditions other than FM and it helps your symptoms, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have the condition it is indicated for. In addition to that, we must also remember that everything we put into our bodies will have an effect on our FM.

Good luck. : )


axxie - December 3

Hello luck13, as much as many want to have a label for what is happening with our minds, unless you have ADD, or ADHD it has no connection with fibro. Sorry to disapoint, the fibro will trick you in thinking you have it, but what you have is nothing close to having ADD, ADHD etc.

I have a husband who is ADHD and I have a nephew who is ADD, the nephew is being treated, and hubby prefered the displine approach (there are days, I would'nt mind if he took a pill trust me we fibro we do not develop it.



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