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acupuncture, anyone?
7 Replies
chefb - May 24

i'm curious: has anyone had any luck or know of any help to be had with acupuncture. i'm a huge beleiver in "the needles" having had great success previously with pain AND depression. has anyone tried it for fibro? and did it work?

on a side note, my husband and i moved last week. we did 99% of the move ourselves, moved 350 miles away, and the entire time i loaded and unloaded, lifted, carried, etc. i was stiff and sore, but ignored it. the loading, driving, and unloading took three days. by the afternoon of the fourth day, i collapsed. it all caught up with me and i was exhausted and in full body pain. i don't know how i/we did it, but i guess you do what you have to do.


Noca - May 24

Never tried acupuncture cause id have to pay for it. How long does the pain relief last? Hope you enjoy your new home :)


Kiwigirl - May 24

We all react differently to these treatments, I got really ill after having accupuncture, was even worse than when I started and it cost me hundreds of dollars!! The accupuncturist denied it was anything she had done, but I was alright again a few weeks later.
The only way you will know is to try it for yourself. good luck


toots2889 - May 25

I to have tryed it, and had no luck with it. It to made me worse than better.


Fantod - May 25

I have used acupuncture to control severe lower back pain. It was very effective but requires ongoing treatment (weekly) which is very expensive and not covered. Initially, a lot of people feel much worse after treatment. It can take several treatments prior to getting any relief. And the relief may be short lived. If I had the available funds, I would have continued treatmentas it did help. Take care.


axxie - May 27

Tried and got treated with accupuncture. The first doctor I saw, fixed my broken back in three session. I kid you not, it worked.

As for accupuncture for fibro, I have tried, and got treated for long periods of time, I found that the doctor who treated me, could tweek my pain and would sometimes be able to stop the pain for 2 or 3 days in the same week. Or he would tweek the needles to help me combat colds or give me more energy when I was run down. Believe it or not, it works, but with the pain of fibro, I was able to get some releif, alas it all comes back a few days later.

Yes, it's expensive, the insurance will pay only if a doctor is performing the accupuncture or by the physiotherapy.

If anyone wants the name of the physiotherepy in Ottawa let me know.


j-m-g - June 4

I think it is worth trying - I received acupuncture for 16 weeks (once a week)and although it was costly, I did feel light relief after Id visited the clinic. The therapist also massaged the sorest points with Tiger Balm, which I think is tremendous and can certainly recommend. Athough I stopped after 16 weeks, due to financial reasons, I do feel as though I benefited although I suffered with painful joints constantly without this treatment. Good Luck is all I can say - I know how you're feeling!


Canada17 - June 4

The only thing I got from acupuncture was stiffness. This being because I was told not to move while the needles are in you. I gained no benefit from it, thankfully the treatments were covered by insurance because it wasn't like there was a money back guarantee.

I do swear by massage therapy though! Best thing for me, better than any drug. : )



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