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SAHMof2 - February 20

Has anyone tried Acupuncture for FM? I Did a few sessions a few years ago and it really seemed to help but money got Really tight and I stopped going. I've been having a Lot more Flares over the last year and i'm thinking of starting back up with the Acupuncture. Has anyone done it for a long time? Did it help? Thanks!


Fantod - February 21

Yes - I have used accupuncture for FMS. I thought it was very helpful. But, I ran out of money to continue since my healthcare paln did not cover it. If I had the money, I would continue to go.


lmb2 - February 21

I am actually about to start acupuncture soon. My husband's Aunt recommended that I try it. she had lupus for 13 years and did acupuncture once a week for 6 months and then every other week for another 3 months and her lupus has been in full remission for 20 years now (she's 50), now she goes once a year. I know how outrageous it may sound, but it's true and I'm thinking that if it can do that for someone with lupus, why shouldn't it help someone with fibromyalgia. It is said to be helpful for a lot of chronic illnesses. One thing she did say though was that it has to be the "traditional acupuncture" and not the western medicine kind, so I'm going to see a traditional acupuncturist. Also, she said that for a few months, she actually felt a little worse than when she started but they told her it was normal and that it was the effects of all of the toxins being released.... so she stuck with it and didn't stop because of it, and then it passed and she started getting better and when she saw her doctor after 6 months of acupuncture, she had taken herself off of all of her medications and her blood work was back to normal. Anyway, good luck with it, stick with it, and i hope it helps us both! i can't wait to try it and i hope that my insurance will cover it. Please let us know how it goes and give an update after a few months and I will do the same, then if it helps, maybe others will get some relief from it too! i'm crossing my fingers lol


lizziesummer - February 21

Hi, i managed to acupuncture via my doctor referring me to physio and then she did sessions of it. I didn't work for me but if it helped for you I would press our doctor. Hope I helped.


llcsmom - February 22

My daughter tried it for a few months and it MAY have helped, but all of a sudden the last 2 sessions she had in Dec/Jan, became very painful for her--she was crying while the needles were in (she's 11 yo) and so that was the end of that for awhile. (It didn't hurt her for the first few months--who knows why it became painful? but, the Dr. said we need to do things that she feels help her the most at this point. I do believe it can be helpful.


chrissy1303 - February 23

I too had significant difficulty enduring hte pain from acupuncture. It felt to me as if there were 20 mosquitos biting me during the course of each treatment. I gave it a solid try though, and after 6 treatments looked elsewhere. Now I mainly find massage treatment the most helpful. But, I'm still looking!


amandaknits - March 3

I've only had four sessions so far and am feeling much less anxiety and pain. I definitely think it is working, and for us the money is tight too, but my sanity and health are more important. I think it does work, but i don't know how long you need to go.


hellou - March 6

Yes it really helps me but on a short term basis only. The effects wear off after a few days unfortunately. It helps graetly with pain, flexibility and energy levels.



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