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aching teeth
6 Replies
[email protected] - July 31

Hi, I think I have fibromyalgia and about the same time as the onset of it I had terrible achey teeth and discovered they were actually moving. Dentist thought I was grinding them at night and now have a sheild to prevent this. Have a supicion that they are still moving but still have incredibly achey teeth all day. Have terrible headaches and face aches with it now so I'm suspecting sinus trouble. Anyone experience anything like this?


tammi - February 16

Yes I have been to Dentist many of time with teeth hurting,It is your sinuses guarenteed,Between my dentist and Dr.all agreed,nothing was ever wrong with teeth,it is part of fibro!


vaysha - February 17

I have been getting that as well- it came out of the blue after a terrible time of stress and when I get it I often feel dizzy and am cold sensitive and sensitive to motion- it's very very painful.


teresa - April 16

My sinus have ruined the quality of my life because of the symptoms,the sudden dizziness, fullness in the ears, nausea, but i have had mine that long i know have ibs because of it, has anyone else got this irritable bowel syndrome


Lisa - July 13

I have constant pain in my mouth, teeth, jaws, face etc. and bad constant headaches lately also. My sinuses seem to be congested to


Julie - July 19

The pain in my teeth stopped when I started taking Eleval. It was pretty amazing. I'd say about 90% of the nerve pain in my body disappeared.


Stephanie - July 31

I have FMS and IBS. I have pain in my teeth and some of my teeth move a little bit. I also have other problems - night sweats, low blood pressure, low heart rate, tinitus - which do not conform to the pattern of FMS that I have been able to find. I have found 2 useful bits of information. There appears to be three syndromes - FMS, ME and a facial version of FMS. Many people with one of the syndromes also have some or all of the symptoms of either of the others. That covers the tinitus, sinus and tooth pain, but not the fact they move. I have also found that mercury poisening from dental amalgum is believed to cause FMS, ME and many other problems. It is banned in America because of the amount of problems it causes and there is a lot of research out there about it. I am sufficiently convinced that it is at the very least contributing to my problems, and think it is more likley that there is one underlying problem than a host of complaints. I have found out that amalgum removal must be done with care if further problems are to be avoided, but I think it is worth investigating as I have read of success stories (that do not try selling associated detox programmes)



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