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Aches in Hips?
5 Replies
vikinyc - May 18

Does anyone have aches in both hips?


BrandyO - May 19

YES... and now in my lower back. In fact I just had an X-ray for that ... waiting to hear if it is anything other than the fibro.


dwilmoth - May 21

My hubby bought me one of those memory foam mattress toppers. It is wonderful for hip pain. I didn't realize how much it helped untill we went to my in-laws for Christmas and I slept for 3 nights w/o it. The last night I couldn't fall asleep for my hips aching so badly. I have a dear neighbor who takes her memory foam pillow every where she goes for her hips. Something you may want to try. Goodluck, I hope you find something that works for you.


BrandyO - May 21

I got my X-ray results for my back pain... not a thing wrong... or at least nothing showed on the X-ray. So it must be all fibro related.

Your right dwilmoth.... having a GOOD mattress or topper really does help with the hip pain. I'm going away for 5 days ... leaving this Thursday. Not looking forward to hotel beds. Nor the 12 hour ride to get to Indiana from where I live. This will be my first long distance ride. Longest before this was to go to the shore ... that was a 2 and a half hour ride and I couldn't make it without stopping at least once. Looks like we will be stopping often on this trip. Good thing is we are not doing it in one day! Brandy :)


Fantod - May 31

Yes, in my case the pain is from bursitis- another perk of FMS. I have had to resort to cortisone injections to get some relief. I would suggest that anyone out there with hip pain should be checked for bursitis as well. Physical therapy can be helpful with this condition. In my case, it was too far gone for anything other than cortisone. Glad to know I am not alone with this issue.


psawejko - May 31

Yes - Both my hips and lower back. I have been going to a chiropractor who specializes in FMS patients. It is really helping. My back and hips were totally out of alignment. It is getting better slowly but surely.



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