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Abdominal Bloating
8 Replies
Lindsey H. - March 15

Sometimes my abdomen will swell so much, that it looks like I'm 6 months pregnant. It's very painful when it does this because the skin is having to strectch so much. It will come and go throughout the day, anywhere from slightly bloating to severely. If you press on my abdomen, it feels as hard as a rock and in certain spots it hurts to press. This has been going on for the past few months, with my doctors not being able to tell me what is causing it. I have FMS and IBS and was wondering if anyone else has this problem. Any if you do, what do you do for it? It gets frustrating, not to mention humiliating, when your pants won't fit becuase of the swelling and it looks as if you're pregnant.


Mist - February 24

I'm going through this problem too or what sounds like the same thing. over time ive gotten stretch marks from it just in one spot. I'm looking into a bowel cleanse. I also notice that milk products cause some of my discomfort. even sugar free ice cream. I'm still trying to figure it out but if I find something I'll post. but i think a good cleanse and proper diet(whatever that is) for us lol is the trick. don't drink with a straw and dont drink any diet drinks and try to stay away from yeast. these things have helped some.


AKFlyfisher - February 26

Ahh yes, Im a guy and it looks like a beer belly :0).... Only thing I have found is not eat as much and take the psyllium husk drink daily. I noticed with IBS I go too soon and the food isnt even digested all the way and stool is greasy and hard to pass, thats why the psyllium husk helps make bulk. The metamucil and citrucil have too much sugar and nutra sweet which trigger IBS even more. I like chocolate and find I shouldnt be eating it very much nor lattes as much anymore :(...... Sometimes going for a long 30min + walk will help get the gas out...... good luck to you.


FMSing - February 27

I have IBS and have the same bloating problem. Mine seems to be gas, but the build up of gas does not seem to be related to what I eat as much to how much stress I am undergoing. Mine also mostly happens at night. I find myself where I can hardly stand up straight, the pain is so bad. A heating pad relieves it almost immediately. (Since getting FMS, my stomach appears more bloated even when I don't have gas. I have been asked if I was pregnant before -- that really blew my day!


Jean - March 3

Truthfully, I don't know what to tell you except maybe watch what you eat that might be causing your bloating and that time of the month can possibly be a cause. Your OBGYN has nothing to say about this?


KimR - March 12

My newest fibro doctor asked to look at my tongue, which was white. She said I had a yeast overgrowth problem and asked if I was every bloated. I had just showed my mom the night before my huge belly. She said it was from the yeast. She is doing a ton of bloodwork, but I did some internet researcha nd found some associations with yeast overgowth, fibro, and low thyroid, which she also said I had, even though my primary care did blood work and said it was normal, I have all the symptoms of hypothyroid. I will get more results in 3 week when the bloodwork results are in, but she only sees fibro and chronic fatigue patients, and none of it suprised her. Hope that helps, check your tongue. Even my 4 year old says mine is white.


Kim - March 12

Wow, that is weird. I just looked at my tongue and it's white too and also have bloating problems. I have had so many blood tests and all have come back normal. Is there a certain blood test that shows an overgrowth of yeast?


Jean - March 14

Sounds like IBS.


KimR - March 15

I'll get my bloodwork results in two weeks and I'll see what she says and what she plans to do about the yeast and post again.



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