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AAAHHHHHH fibromyalgia!!!!!!!!!!!
4 Replies
diddle - February 29

When is this pain going to stop its been constant now for 7 weeks and no let up this is the worst flare up i have had was only diagnosed over a year ago but this is bad i go to bed but can i sleep no i have got cushions duvets on top of duvets other squashy soft things but NO i still see 1234 am and get up at 5 then cant take tablets only allowed 8 co codamol a day and thats without my amitriptilyne citralopram and my 20 mg pain patch lol i try everything but cant sit/stand/walk /lay for long this really is the weirdest thing ever, my throat goes so i feel i cant swallow i get pains around my heart and palpitations my legs feel like they are going to go from under me i stumble like i have had a session in the pub when all i have had is pint lucozade, i talk to people and cant think what word i want to say next . my hands are always cold and i wear splints as all the strenghth in them has gone and now i have been told thats carpal tunnel another delight of fibro. people say you look ok well thats because i wear a mask because believe me what you see is not what i feel like. lucky for me my G.P is fantastic i saw her today just for a chat 25 mins later i felt bit better but she cant give me any more meds its just nice to keep her up to date on me and chat about it. my partner comes to see me every night and is so good he has lost the women he met but he is still by my side i did leave him a month ago i felt so bad and i cant do what i used to why should he be dragged down but we had a chat and he still there because he wants to be not out of duty or pitywhich is nice he just loves me even though i cant do the 4/5 hour walks we used to do so i feel lucky that way, my family are all fantastic although they really dont understand the illness and to be fair if the tables were turned i dont think i would either it is a really odd thing to have, my only saving grace is sites like this where i can rant and say silly things but you all understand what its like you have got to be in it to understand it. well i am new to this forum but i will be on here again love and soft hugs to you all diddle x


Jocelyn - February 29


I am so sorry to hear you are having such a bad flare up. I had one a month ago and it doesn't sound to be as bad as yours. It was scary not knowing if the flare up will ever go away. I am glad your GP is real good at talking to you. Do you have a Rhuematologist? Usually, they are the Doctors that would treat your Fibro, not a GP. If you don't have a specialist, it would be good for you to get one. It sounds like you are going through a lot right now. Take care and keep in touch.


kvc33 - March 1

The drugs aren't doing you much good so I suggest you research alternative ways to deal with pain. Get tested for food allergies and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You will probably need to see a naturopathic doctor for that. Get an assessment done with a chiropractor and a orthopeadic physiotherapist. Lack of sleep makes my pain sky rocket so you really need to work on that. Try hot and cold packs. Warm baths with epsom salts. Stay away from toxic foods such as aspartame and MSG. No caffeine or alcohol. Try meditation and listening to relaxation tapes. Drink plenty of water. Cold hands can be a sign of hypothyroidism. Your doc may be nice to talk to but that won't make you well. Has she done a thorough workup on you?


go4it - March 21

I agree kvc33. Watch the sulfites, processed foods, check labels of everything you put in your mouth. If you can readily read the ingredients, put it back on the shelf. For a week, eat everything fresh, cleanse your body and see if that helps. Also, anything white stay away from... flour, sugar, salt, breads... red meat. Eat alot of fresh fish, legumes, veggies.. you also may be deficient in Vit D. Good luck!


bluesbrrd - April 11

Dear diddle, I can tell you from the vantage point of 25 years of fibromyagia, that the first year IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST! You are completely shell-shocked and blindsided, and you haven't yet developed the coping skills to get yourself through it. I had to quit my job, put my apt. in storage, and move in with my mother! Worst case scenario, as far as I was concerned! I spent an entire year in bed, unable to sit up for more than an hour or two at a time. IT GETS BETTER!

After the first year, I learned that pain medications didn't really help, and worsened my depression and ability to think clearly. I spent a month in the hospital - 2 weeks on the rheumatology ward trying to get me in a little better shape, and 2 weeks in the psych ward withdrawing from my Xanax. I learned progressive relaxation techniques - guided meditation which made me realize that I could relax my muscles WITH MY OWN MIND. it worked well for me for the first ten years.

You do need to see a rheumatologist, not a GP who's just giving you pain meds. You may need physical therapy to break the pain cycle - I had twice-weekly physical therapy for almost a year, and I also saw psychologists to help me deal with what my life would be like - and to process the FEAR, the GRIEF and the ANGER that comes with so much pain and loss.

You can't do it alone - there are people out there who know how to help you. After one year of complete inactivity, and another year of working half-time, I was able to return to work full-time, and resumed my life - you can, too! It's very nice to have a support person like your partner, who can give you some cheerleading and moral support! Look at your diet, your weight, your habits that may need some thought - like cigarette smoking or excessive alcohol. Everything you do with and to your body counts!

It will be the hardest job you ever have! We are rooting for you!



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