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A poem I found
7 Replies
colleen steele - April 7

I found this poem in a fibro magazine.I know it won't come out in a poem format ,so I will seperate the verses with dots. It really is worth reading as we all can relate........The Winds of Fibromyalgia.......Inside the winds are raging, But others cannot see,The pain that grips me tightly nor , Fatigue consuming me.........Some think I am crazy, But others know it's real, For they are going through it , And know just how I feel......My days and nights are turned around. On me they play a trick. But some have said that if I'd try, This "habit" I could kick..........Tripping,falling,dropping things, May happen any day. Can't concentrate and I forget....Oh, what did you say?............The dizziness and weakness, Migraines and numbness too ---- And many days as they go by , I notice something new..........Depression and confusion ,I feel 'bout every day, And trigger points that hurt so much , I wish they'd go away.......Painful , broken relationships and Disappointments too , The loss of job and self-esteem----Oh what can I do?......Oh dear God, please tell me how , To others I can explain , That I'm not crazy and they are real --- The winds of fibro pain?.........
By Brenda Louise Rader .........I hope you all like this poem as much as I did. It says alot that we can all relate to. Blessings to all , Colleen


Haunted halo - April 7

i did it so true from the words how we all can relate but others still wont take notice and just be ignorant.


Jeannie3 - April 7

Thanks for sharing Colleen. The poem is awesome!!
I wish I knew needlepoint.


jenny bawden - April 7

Thank you Colleen for sharing that poem with me/us... it just about sums it all up ... ho hum ...


SAHMof2 - April 7

I Love that! I need it on a T-shirt!


dalejr62 - September 6

Thanks for the poem. I think it helps us all.


linda brown - October 31

actually brought tears to my eyes, thanks


Gabbie - October 31

What a beautiful poem. Made me cry because every word was so true. Thank you for sharing it.



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