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a message from islandguy
5 Replies
islandguy - December 31

Well it''s been awhile since I posted as I was on a mission to get better by getting of Vancouver Island British Columbia to a warmer drier Arizona. Well, here we are and have been here since Dec.16/07. It's been warmer and certainly drier in the desert but I am sad to say it has made very little difference. Even my last lidocane treatment did not have the same successful affect as the ones in the past. Maybe it is the pile of stress that has had an adverse effect on the fibro.
But in saying that....the change in climate and the warmth of the sun does have a lot of positive effects. We have decided to stay here for a few more weeks to see if the heat/dry conditions will improve the fibro and of course the problems with my wife's back.
It doesn''t matter seems that the fibro is here to stay. I suppose I am reaching the acceptance stage of this ordeal.
Happy New Year to all....and I wish less painful flareups to all...


Wycklochness - January 1

The warmth of it all. I am in Australia and we are having 40-45 celcius heat which is well over 100 degrees each day. At this point no relief in sight. I am not in any pain and have had a good two weeks like this. I am just chilling out and relaxing (this is our holiday season) and trying not to stress out about anything. I do hope that the extra weeks you have in Arizona do the trick. I am a firm believer that stress plays an important part in our problem, often well after the event. Perhaps acceptance is also a part of the healing process. I wish you both well and a happy new year. Do let us know how the next few weeks in the warmth are for you both. Cheers


JJ1 - January 1

Yeah, I don't think fms is weather related, but I know stress, including stressful weather conditions can make things worse. I am in FLA where it is usually warm (although not too dry, even in a drought). I am in major flare up thanks to holiday related stress. No matter how hard I try to make it stress-free, it is stilll there.


linda brown - January 8

hey, i haven't posted much either. been too tired to even type. doing all i can to fight the tireness, the lidoderm patches hasn't help me with the pain either, so we just got to hang in here, good luck


AKFlyfisher - January 21

I am in AK, feel better when I am ice fishing. ha ha :)..... I saw a new drug add on TV tonight for Lyrica , the ONLY FDA drug approved for Fibro. But the Insurance company wont want to pay for it, go figure. I started Neurontin 2 weeks ago, because my neuro docs said the insurance company would balk if I didnt take this drug for a month first. Might be worth giving it a try for you all and start walking everyday for 1/2 or more.


islandguy - January 25

Well since I have posted last in Dec.07 until now Jan.24/08 things have changed extensively for me. The warm weather and the dry air have had a positive affect on me and my wife. With the fibro and the underlying arthritis there is definetely a difference from the humid climate I am from. The Arizona desert has been theraputic and healing for the past month. I know this sounds like a sales job...but if anyone knows me ... you know that I hate 'snake oil saleman'. I am convinced that humidity is a bad thing for fibro sufferers and that weather is a definite factor for flare ups. Even on the desert , when there is a barometric change in pressure, I know it before anyone.....but I can safely say...not as bad or severe as the wet , humid winters on Vancouver Island. I would like to know if there are any members with fibro from the Arizona state on this forum............On the downside.. I leave for Canada on Jan.31/08 and hate the thought of going through the pain and agony of fibro to the extent that I did prior to leaving. I can only hope the warm dry air is on the way to my house. Take care to all......



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