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A lot of the symptoms/where do I find help?
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Rose - October 17

I have recently seen a neurologoist..for neck and upper left back pains...he... ordered MRI... after hospital sent me to health dept..who sent me to neurolgist... they say I have a spur between C5 and C6.. vertebrae?...had numbness of hands feet...prickling, weakness in lower back...(they haven't done full back xrays or scan)... muscle spasms... neurologist "started to check me for "trigger points", ok?... then looked at the MRI.. and primary dr's paper/notes... he ordered nerve conduction tests... never did any more checking for triggers or fibro...siad I had carpal tunnel in both wrists.. put me on Flexeril and Motrin... told me "there are people a lot worse off than you... get on with your life"????? then he stated that if the pills don't work...we would look into pain management..?... never once said it was ..fibro... but I have ALL the symptoms... fatique, muscle soreness and pain and spasms..they as much as told me... its in your head... but just take these pills and try to get more sleep..My GOD!!... I live where I work, and am basically 24/7... there is no rest here... I have/had/still have bouts of depression/ taking BP meds..two different ones so far...I am leaving soon, and moving to Pa... how do I find a dr... who can help me... and just maybe.. get a diagnosis?... well... there's a lot more here than one question... yes, I have had the fogs and flares... it is getting increasingly harder to work... but don't want to be homeless either... can anybody tell where to go around Butler,Pa... to a good dr... got all my reports/tests on limited work release...any comments or help would be apppreciated.


Jean - October 16

Hi Rose. I know what you're going through. It sounds like you will be getting a fresh start and finding your physicians will be just like before I'm sorry to say. First have your medical records, tests, etc. Next have your doctor who you've been to see give you a referral to a Rheumatologist where you will be living. When you call the office to verify your appointment ask the question if the doctor treats Fibromyalgia and if so then I think you'll be on your way and then he/she can refer you to a primary care physician for continued treatment. The primary medes for this condition is antidepressants, muscle relaxers and pain medication. With pain they start out with the lowest dose to see how that will work for you and then work there way up to possibly and opioid which is much stronger for the pain management. Some doctors do not like to go any stronger because of the fear of addiction and they don't want their patients becoming addicted but there are opioids out there that you can take without addicition if taken properly. Stress is another factor of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. You may have to limit your work strategies in other words you may have to deligate jobs and get help in the home and find time for just you until you can get this condition under control. You may have to try serveral types of medications until you find the right combination that will work for you. You can't give up on it or you'll never get to the inner piece that you need. It is a slow process but hang in there. Although I have lost my job due to this condition I still keep striving to go forward you have to. I wish you strength and the willingness and taking these challenges to your better self. Good Luck and God Bless.


Rose - October 17

Thanks Jean... Its good to know that I am not alone, even though I can't imagine so many others having to go thru this...I am now in the process of trying to tell my current boss... that I can't work /do the work/live this way here/... ??? It is hard..because I consider her a friend..but it must be so...she needs someone who can do the lifting and the work...and I try but I can't... ohhhhh...antidepressants...all in good time... I am really going to look into this.. and feel sure my current primary care dr will give me a referral... and people have told me that there are programs there to cover my medical expenses...I really want to do..SOMETHING... even part time...if it is no more sitting?..or house sitting... but I am already to where I can't do the things I like..sewing, etc..God will make a way...Thanks again Jean... now I am going to read some more questions and answers..this is a great site..keep it up!


[email protected] - October 17

Hey Rose. I don't know how long this has been going on for you but you need to know your rights. It sounds like you have a job in which your company may pay mdical leave and disability. I don't know your company but your human resource manager could help you with that before you decide to quit your job. They could possibly put you into something to accomodate your condition. It might also be wise to contact a disabilities attorney for they can help you with answers about your job and what the company is responsible for and your doctors too. So, take your vacations, medical leave and disabilities and go through the system but most important talk to an attorney so you will know your rights. You don't want to be out there with no help of any kind especially when you need a roof over your head. If you have already quite your job it might be possible to collect unemployment insurance. After that is exhausted and you've been out of work totally with no income, 6 weeks then you need to file Social Security Disability. You will qualify for Americans Disability Act having Fibromyalgia. So get hold of an attorney to know your rights I did not have that opportunity its there to help you. Workmans Comp, SSD Attorney. They get paid when they win your case. Get and keep all your correspondence. Let me know how things go. Good Luck :)



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