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A Good Bed?
11 Replies
willow - October 7

I'm am in the market for a good bed, one that won't feel like I'm being tortured all night. Currently I'm sleeping on a "waveless" waterbed that we've had for about 15 years. When we first got it I thought it was wonderful, but for the last few years I actually dread going to bed! Last year we added a 2 inch memory foam topper to it, which helped a little bit but I'm still not getting the support I need. It is complicated by the tenderness, and sensitivity for the fibro. Also I'm very overweight, (yes I'm working on that). Does anyone have any suggestions? New beds are so stupidily expensive, I'm afraid of making a mistake. I guess I'm also afraid that there is no good bed out there that might actually let me feel at least a LITTLE more refreshed in the morning. I'm DESPERATE, as my fibro has been really BAD lately and I believe that my bed is aggravating it.


Stephanie417 - October 7

well.. not to be sarcastic here..because Im being honest.. but yeah.. when im hurting bad like recently, I sleep on the couch.. i dont know.. it helps.. I spent a ton of money on a "good and supportive" mattress.. i dont see a difference.. not sure how to answer your question to this one.. sorry !!. good luck !


Virg - October 7

Hi Willow, I swear we're physcic on this forum. Last night I was thinking about this wondering if the ladies on this forum would have some info. I too go to
sleep in bed then move to the couch.
Because of the expense I'm not actively


TERESA - October 7

I've been wondering the samthing!!! We are all in the same place it seems, that's why I like this forum so much!!! I've been looking into memory foam toppers for my bed. It is a queen size bed & the toppers are more than I paid for my waterbed (I'm no longer using). Lately I've thought of setting up my waterbed again. It was a freeflow mattress & I thought it was comfortable, but they say it is bad for your back! So now what?


maleighamylove - October 7

Hi Willow I also have your dilemma. I either sleep sitting up on the side of my bed, or wake up period from the pain and just get up at 2 and stay up or I end up sleeping on the couch.
I bought a mattress topper of memory foam it helped a little, but now no. Thought about buying me a hammock.
Maybe just don't need to try to sleep, seems like I get more rest when I don't!!!


BrandyO - October 8

I have a Kingsdown matress. Just got it last spring. It's extremely comfortable and I get a better nights sleep now.
It was on the expensive side tho.
Good luck!


Debra4Real - October 8

Hello: The mattress you buy can help a little but,if you buy the right mattress topper you will feel like your sleeping on a cloud.I tried a few and they were not any good ,until i bought a fantastic one from COSTCO. I payed about $150.00 it was worth every penny and then some.I also found that my skin was extremely sensitive to my bed sheets so i bought silky cotton ones.Take Care.Always Debra.....Willow the cold from the water bed might be a problem for you.


willow - October 8

Thanks to you all for taking the time to answer! It DOES help to know that we're not alone in the things we have to deal with.


AmberRose - October 8

My sister has the best bed in the whole world im not usre what kind it is but i never had such a good sleep in all my life and for somemone who can; sleep very well ever that means a lot. I will find out what it is called shes on vacation right now. so might be a day or so


barbar - October 10

Hi, Willow, getting the correct bed is a real problem for us fibros. Like most everybody out there, I also sleep on the couch. I think we do that because it gives us better support and we can scrunch up pillows and covers to support us even better. However, my ex-husband just bought me a whole new bed with a pillow-top matress. He says we have to get me into a bed so I can stretch out (why the 'ex-husband is buying me a bed is a whole 'nother topic we need to add under a separate string called 'Sweet Times). I can spread out, relax, add enough pillows and covers to scrunch up for support---it's really wonderful. Also, I used to be very, VERY heavy and sleeping in a bed was difficult. I could actually bruise myself by sleeping on my side. That's gone but the need for stretching out the body to get a good sleep has not. (I also sometimes sleep on the couch because Percy, my pet parrot, likes to sleep with me. Sleeping on the couch assures that I will not role over on him. The ex-husband wants Percy out of the bed. The ex-husband does not know that Percy is a Parrot). Anyway, check out a good pillow-top mattress and see how it suits you. Barbar


Theodora - October 10

thats some story you tell bararb, a life less oridnary hey?


barbar - October 11

Theodora, I'm not sure what you mean. My life is pretty ordinary, except for Percy and his two friends, Petey and Lady Lola Bird. They are cockatiels and keep pretty much to themselves in their own private aviary. They are too skittish to be taken out for any length of time and Percy is very curious and adventurous. It's best to take him out when he's tired and ready for sleep. Otherwise, he goes straight for the necklaces, earrings, and---for some reason---faux leather handbags.



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