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A General Statement To The Website
3 Replies
Anson - August 24

According to my last Dr. visit, my blood work appeared to be with-in-normal limits, so I have considered myself ‘crazy’ without some medical diagnosis to explain how I could feel so very depressed. And just as tired.

I have felt as if my physical body was literally in the process of dying. I can’t count the times a day I find myself ‘sighing’ because I’ll be feeling so tired and just one more breath took such great effort. It’s exhausting.

I can barely stand something as light as my own clothing to touch me in a particular area of my body right now. Other times, I can ‘tolerate’ the touch, but I’m aware of the “nagging pain” that is relentless. It is there twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Other areas of my body are most tender to the touch as well.

I can’t remember the last time I slept six consecutive hours. I can’t remember sleeping even three for the past month or so.

My short term memory has made me paranoid. I find it hard to concentrate and things I used to find simple to do have become very complex. I can’t even keep my mind sane enough to figure out how to see my Doctor again being that I no longer have health insurance.

Stress…. So much stress. Like dirty laundry piled high on the floor. Disgusting to “sort through” so you let it pile higher and higher until one day you are lost somewhere in the stench of it all.

And this stress has brought to me Depression with such severe anxiety that I’ve wondered if I’d slit my wrist before daybreak.

But now…. I have found a possible diagnosis….. Fibromyalgia…..

I have to learn more about this disorder. Or is it a disease? I have to beat it.

Just knowing what it is has given me power. It’s given me hope that I can get better.

I need to see my Doctor and determine for sure if this is what I have been suffering from for so long a time now.

Thank you for the well documented infomation at this website.

August 15, 2005


Beth - August 17

Well, Anson, that is quite eloquent! I, and I'm sure many others here, understand what you are feeling. I especially suffer from anxiety-every time I experience a symptom I don't recognize, I freak out and start thinking I'm dying of cancer or something.
Try to find ways of relieving the stress, because if you do have FMS, that's going to really exacerbate the symptoms.
There's lots of good advice floating around, and if you are fortunate enough to have a doctor who understands fibromyalgia they should be able to give you some relief.
Good luck to you, and many hugs!


Anson - August 23

Thank you Beth for your comment here.... I got myself a membership to the YMCA and I hope with exercise and a change in diet that I can soon find myself feeling better.

I'm a big believer in mind, body and spirit all working together as a whole, so the way I figure it, even if I'm weak in one of these areas, if I can just muster up enough "gumption" in one or more of the remaining three-then maybe I can feel better all the way around in time.

My hope is that everyone finds themselves pain free physically and free from the stentch of depression and anxiety that seems to come along with it.

((( hugs ya back with a smile )))


Beth - August 24

Ah, you're very welcome Anson. Sounds like you're on your way! Joining the Y is a great idea--low impact stuff like water aerobics or yoga are great.
I am in the process of trying to find ways to get out of the house sometimes, away from my two little ones--I need some stress relief! :)
Keep up the good work, and more hugs for ya!



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