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A Final Good-bye to Everyone
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barbar - December 17

I'm posting this e-mail in hopes that some of you may read it before the managers have it pulled, as I have requested. I'm leaving because Larry has posted my friend's workplace and workplace e-mail here at the forum and is apparently been trying to get him fired. It's one thing for me to be inimidated by HK's nonsense; it is quite another for Larry to try to get my friend fired over something I've done. He has a family and a mom to take care of. All he did was a kindness for me and I certainly don't want hom to have to pay for a few seconds of his time at work for all of this nonsense. I explained to you all that I asked teresat to e-mail me at my friend's e-mail address because of its great viral protection. My friend uploads the responses here and I don't have to worry about any viruses. Larry/Kathy/Helen was unable to stop me from doing research and posting the information here so he/she decided to hurt someone innocent and see how much they could get out of that. Whatever. This used to be a wonderful place and some folks have e-mailed me noting the dramatic change in me. This all started when I left some incredibly positive e-mails, I just happened to be happy one day. I have gone through all of my psotings in the interim and hit the 'Poor Taste' key in addition to asking th emonitors to remove me from the forum. While going thorugh all the postings, i saw all the names of all the other people who had posted here with genuine concerns and honest questions never to be heard from again. Their posting had fallen to the bottom of the pile because we apparently can't focus on anything but the evil here. All of us who participated should be ashamed of ourselves. However, I did note, that even among my own, only my negative postings got response, and usually fromteh same people. None of the good and happy psotings got responses. How sad. Sure, I have been upset and angry (hurt, never) but that wasn't because of anything HK said. It was because my celebratory psotings elicited no response. No one ever responded to my joy. That is what upset me and it should upset all of us that our joyous responses---the ones that say Hey! My firbor is ok today, those get no answer So I say farewell to all of you who have loved me and been there for us when we needed it.



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