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A couple of questions from a 'Newbie'
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rattyfraggle - February 22

hi, i was diagnosed about 4 yrs ago and i have a couple of things i was hoping to find more info about. About 3 yrs ago i woke up on new years day and couldnt open my mouth properly as the left jaw joint was stuck closed. i visited the dentist who said that it was TMJ Disfuntion which he thought was a symptom of FM. Since that time it has been manageable, dislocating in and out but not too bad. In the past two weeks it has become terribly painful and reduced in movement and i cant bite hard with my bottom front teeth? Also 2 yrs ago i was tested for MS as i was found to have no pin prick reatin in the right side of my face, my right arm, right side of my torso, then down my left leg, but after tests it was said to be FM symptom? does anyone else have either of these? The doc said my jaw pain is being caused by grinding my teeth together in my sleep because of stress?! any comments would be welcomed Thanks.


tnichel - February 23

I was diagnosed with TMJ at the age of 16. But I didn't begin having problems until recently. My jaw locked not too long after my FMS diagnosis.

My dentist is having a bite guard made for me to wear at night. If it's really bad some will have to wear it during the day. So talk to your dentist or go buy a bite guard you can custom fit from Wal-mart.

Also, no chewing gum. Don't open your mouth wide when you yawn. Stay away from sticky foods like gummy bears, starbursts, etc...and they say not to sing as that can aggravate TMJ.

I also find massaging my jaw and temple area helps. Also don't lean on your hand while sitting at the cpu. That too can make it worse. Try myoflex or some type of muscle pain ointment on your jaw or a warm washcloth.

Alot of headaches are actually a result of TMJ but most don't know they have TMJ. Also, search the web and utube for TMJ stretches. I do them while watching tv. I hope this helps.

Oh and whatever, some people are just grinders. It not always about stress. I swear, they try to blame every symptom on stress. If that were the case a lot more people would have fms. Find another dentist if fhe won't fit you for a bite guard. You don't want to grind you teeth down to the nub. Good luck!


tnichel - February 23

I forgot... I not sure of the numbness you speak of. But I have several areas on my back where I don't feel anything. I've broken a massage chair from pressing so hard to get the knots out but couldn't feel it digging in. Do you have a rheumy? If not get one and ask about that.


axxie - February 23

Hello, I had TMJ and I was referred to a dentist that did TMJ, which they look at your bite and adjust up or down your back teeth. A few x-ray later and you should see a difference. Be warn not all dentist understand TMJ and so specifically ask for a TMJ specialist. The insurance should pay because they do the same thing as a dentist except they specialize in TMJ disorder. Sometimes it's just a matter to adjusting your bite, some may even have to go for a medical adjustment of your jaw. Everyone is different. I had an adjustment and now have to go back to get it re-adjustment it's been over 5 years for me and notice ringing in my ears.
As for MS, I was tested because my MRI suggested that I had MS, two years later and many test later, I found out I had FMS. Some of the symptoms are the same. Actually you can go to Associated Conditions on the left of your web page and look for MS and FMS and they will give you the symptoms, you pretty well can tell what you have based on the symptoms you have.


JOEGIRL - February 24

I have been having problems with sinus headaches and it makes mt teeth hurt to. I have a dentist app. in morning so maybe I will find out if it is from sinus? I don't think it is TMJ Disfuntion but who knows. This body is falling apart piece by piece.


Fantod - February 24

I have had TMJ for years and it is a problem associated with Fibromyalgia. You need to see a dentist who specializes in TMJ. You should be wearing a bite splint at night to give the joint and muscles the ability to relax. This will also protect your teeth from clenching and grinding while sleeping. I have had extensive restoration work done as a result of all of the damage to my teeth. The sooner you address this problem the better. Problems with the jaw can extend to into the neck, shoulders and arms. It also causes sever headaches. Take care and let us know how you are doing.



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