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A Community of Guardian Angels
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barbar - December 14

I was feeling especially happy the other day. The pain was way, way down and I hadn't been that relieved of the fatigue quite literally in years. So I came to the forum to share all this with you. I left four or five postings in one day because they were logically distinct threads, including one that apologized for leaving so many postings. What I want you to know was this: First, your observations and responses virtually saved my life. That scary posting about eating myself to death had been done when I was on double the Cymbalta. My doctor cut the Cymbalta in half and lo and behold those notions went away. I could have acted on them. Second, because of that, I called you my guardian angels and that's what I think we want to be to each other. As we post and interact here, we get to observe each other's behaviors. You guys were insightful and kind enough to basically say, "Whoa!!! Check your meds!" Third, as guardian angels, we take on the responsibility of being nice to each other. We've all commented on hard it is to get other folks to understand what we are going through. We here at the forum are supposed to know what we're going through, although we are also observing that each of our FMS experiences is unique. So let's nice and kind. Fourth, on that day I left all those posts I was happy like I have never been in a long time. All of the posts were exceptionally well written, if I do say so myself, and some of them were quite humorous. When we see that in someone, when we see one of us with so much energy and joy that they are making multiple postings (indeed, the mere fact that they are making the postings is a sign they have enough energy and joy to do it), be happy with them---not FOR them but WITH them..Ok, so it takes up some room and increases the line of postings. Ok, so what? I was happy, seasonally happy, like all the joys of Christmas. And I wanted to share all of that with you. Finally, I talked about us as a community and as constantly working on the integrity and strength of this community. We are a community of Guardian Angels (Fibrolicious Guardian Angels) (If we were Fibrolicious Angel Guardians, we'd be FAGS (LOL)). That led to the last posting I left, which was an apology for having left so many postings. So I will apologize again for this one. Sorry I have left so many postings but I will not have either the strength or the energy to do this very often, I mean YEARS between occassions of strength and energy. Let me do it this time; let me be joyous and happy with you this time. It may never happen again. And I am sure there are others among us in the same situation.



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