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A book to help all fibro folks
12 Replies
ItsmeWayne - February 1

First off, I have nothing to do with this publication. My Rhumy told me to get this book and it has been great to me!
It also has an area to bring to your doctor. Copy it and fill it out and it will be a good thing, if you need to get on dissability in the USA.
The name of the book is:
Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Pain... a survival manual. It costs arouns $21, but it could save you years of finding out a small part of what this book offers.
On page 360 to 364 is the questionair, you should fill out and bring to your doctor. Don't do it in the book, copy it, incase you need to make chages.
This may be the best book ever on Fibro.It is a second addition, with updates. It has truely help me understand what is going on in me.
I know this thread will get lost in the threads soon, but believe me, this IS the fibromyalgia bible!
Itsme Wayne


ItsmeWayne - February 1

I forgot to add the authors names:
Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland

ps. Forgive my spelling errors! LOL


axxie - February 1

Thanks ItsmeWayne, I was just looking for a book on fibro that had more than just information. I shall look for the survival manual. I'll order it, but would you know who the author is?


axxie - February 1

Thanks ItsmeWayne, I have located the manual and picking it up tomorrow. I'm sure this will be manual. Every little bit helps when you are talking to the doctor and my chiropractor.

So how long have you been a fibro patient? I've was firmly diagnose in November, and was put on Symbalta, and have chiro once a week. Does work well for me lately, hopefully it will continue. The weather seem to be the predictor of my pain.


ItsmeWayne - February 8

Axxie, I hope you found the book and was able to glean some good information from it. I think it is a great manual for those suffering Fibromyalgia and Myofasial Pain.
Please let us know how you think the book is!
Itsme Wayne


axxie - February 9

Hi ItsmeWayne, the book is great reference material. I like how you can go to a chapter and read about symptoms and what they say it is. If now I can just get me back on track, I'll be ok. I'm having a really rough day, slept most the day and I'm in pain. I can't seem to be able to wrap my head into doing anything. Anyway, thank you so much to mention this book, I think everyone should have this book.


Anne Hillebrand - February 9

Remember, your public library probably has any books on FMS.

Also, the info on symptoms, testing and successfully relieving all symptoms on a daily basis at FibroFix is FREE.


ItsmeWayne - February 12

Knowledge is power and this book has been great reading for me. I can understand why I feel the way I do and that alone reduces my stress about this disease.
I am in pain and deal with many health issues, but I manage to get through my days better now, because the insights in the book show me what is going on and how to deal with much of it!
Itsme Wayne


axxie - February 15

Hello again ItsmeWayne, the book has been very beneficial for me, it has helped me stop going through so many pain days by adjusting what I eat and how to take care of myself. Everyone should get the book, it was great of you to let us know about it. When I see the general discussion on the board, it would be so easy to answer if they would just spend the money to get this book. How are you doing, I have my ups and down but at the moment I'm living the highs, it's nice, because I hardly feel that I have any symptoms. I just live for those days. I thankful that I am not working at the moment, because I don't think I would be able to work and take care of my family. Sometimes just driving my teenager around is too much and other times it's normal. Better get back to my paiting my dining room before I fall off the good days. Hope you are having good days.


ItsmeWayne - February 15

Axxie, I am glad you got the book. I wish others would get it too. It really is a lifesaver for us. I try to focus on one chapeter a day and review others, that I think my be good for my days issues.
I am a type 1 diabetic, have arthritis and am a cancer survivor and I know the fibro messes with everything, but if I can derail pain with good information from this book, I have more, better days now!
For those seeking Dissability, the 4 page questionair would be really helpful in getting on SSDI. Answer as many questions as you can and bring it to your doctor to finish filling it out. People with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofasial pain, can get on disability.
Itsme Wayne


axxie - February 16

ItsmeWayne, yes I have the book and I've learned quite a few things about FMS, by making a few changes to my diet, I have lessen my FM flare ups.
I would suggest everyone get this book, it has so much information that can help anyone thinking or having FMS and TRPs.
Hope you are also having success in making small changes that help with your FMS.
How long have you had FMS and when did it start for you. I'd like to know, I'm trying to figure out when mine started? Either back in 99 or after tsometime in 2002/2003


ItsmeWayne - February 28

Hi Axxie,
I think I had FMS for many, many years before I got the diagnosis. I have Type 1 diabets, I had cancer and many other health issues and pain. I confound most doctors and groups of doctors to this day. I think this has added up to doctors taking so long to diagnose. I had traveled all over the United States, trying to figure out what is wrong with me. It has been a long and awful experience for me. I am glad it was diagnosed, as reading up on it, I see I have had it a long time!
Itms Wayne


axxie - March 2

So you are also a cancer survivor, I'm also a cancer survivor and I wonder if all these treatments might have something to do with the fibro, I mean the treatments are harsh for our bodies and wonder if it has something to do with it.



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