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a1-antitrypsin deficiency
3 Replies
judie58 - June 15

does anyone know much about this, i ran across an article on the fibromyalgia site and other diseases that are implicated in this deficiency are like a road map through my family tree....


axxie - June 16

Hey judie58, isn't about copd, lung problems,
Asthma, pneumonia, cirrhosis.

There might be a direct link, since I have had broncho once, pneumonia once, asthma because of allergies.

I don't think most of us are in that category, we might share of the same, but then show me a person who in their lifetime did not have one of these problems.

Since being on Cymbalta, I have not had one cold, flu, so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the medication I take or because I was extra careful this year.


judie58 - June 16

it is on the site of the national fibromyalgia association, and you click on the bonus online article in the center of the page for a-1 antitrypsin........i searched after that and found more.....i have been dealing with what i thought were allergies for 2 years now, no matter what season, what climate i am in etc, and the only thing that minimally helps is benedryl and not all of the time, so i suspect it is me and not allergies.....but this article states they suspect up to 30 percent with FM may have this deficiency, and if so it is an important thing to know as it can lead to serious disease and is passed down to off spring......i got the test so i will know within 2 weeks, i have always just dealt with my FM but recently couldnt take it and started on cymbalta and in a week i am feeling alot better still problems in the evening, but i wake up and actually don't feel 90 years old anymore it is amazing, and i hope it continues.


axxie - June 17

Couldn't say it anybetter, Cymbalta for me works well. It doesn't make me sleep so I take it first thing in the morning and after being in my blood for about an hour, I have the energy to face the day. I still cannot work, and probably will never work again in my life, too bad, but I do enjoy being at home, especially this summer, is the first summer that I can actually work in my garden, not much, but better then the last two years.



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