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"you don't pay attention"
5 Replies
ChefPaula - August 24

My DH and son (16) always state that I don't pay attention when they are telling me something........... the problem is... sometimes I dont even realize that people are talking to me.......... and/or I can't remember what they said to me even just a few minutes ago...
for example, per my son, I asked him 4 times who's house he was spending the night at on Friday night... I only recall asking once...
this is becoming very imbarassing since it is floating over to the work place when co-workers talk to me!
Is this part of FMS or should I see a diff specialist?


ST - August 9

Sorry for the ignorance, but what is your "DH"?

btw, I have the fibrofog, too, and have similar problems as you with remembering what I have said. Sometimes I remember asking the question but completely forget the answer.


Judy - August 9

I have the same thing going on with me. My kids are always tellng me that I am not listening to them and your right I dont even know they are talking to me half the time they get mad because I want answer them when they ask a question.. I forget when they tell me they are doing something and give them heck for not telling me. its hard to deal with. I have talked to my doctors about it. they just say its because I am in all the pain.. I am getting much better at it now..


virg - August 16

i am accused of the same thing at times
but since i think the person has a hearing
problem it makes me question myself if that
is so or not. shooo - if they do here us and
know FM i feel they should joke it off and be


dana carroll - August 16

yes, this is part of FMS, and some of it may be related to the meds you take.


Hanna - August 24

Oh yes, is certainly a symptom of fibromyalgia. Your medications can cause problems with memory, too.

It is embarrasing, but my friends, family and co-workers have grown to expect it. I have a very hard time remembering and I have to do everything two or three times before I do it right. I'm so embarrassed that I wish I could just retire. People at work are kind to me, but I feel so stupid. My boss is especially considerate and accommodative to me. I would do anything for him because he really has made me feel useful. He knows I have a hard time getting around in the morning because of stiffness and he lets me be up to an hour late in the mornings and I make it up in the evening. That means a lot to me. I wish everyone was as understanding as he is.

About the memory problem... it does help if you try not to be too hard on yourself. Try to smile and slough it off when you can. Don't dwell on it. I'll bet you have other strengths that you can be very proud of.



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