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"Natural" remedies......?
6 Replies
BRENDA - December 24

Since we're on the topic of "OLD TIME" remedies,...I've got one!! It's (purple) grape juice & fruit pectin, like what you would use for making jellies & jams. You need to mix 1oz with 8oz of grape juice. It has been said to help with arthritic-type pain. The old folks swear by it! I have not tried it on a regular basis yet, but it can't hurt you! For those of us trying to lose some weight, it will fill you up, so you can use it to replace a meal! It has to be used daily, for several weeks before you see an improvement! Has anyone else tried this or heard of this?


JJ1 - December 25

Makes sense. Both fruit pecin and grape juice are sources of antioxidants. Probably a bit more cost effective source than an $18 bottle of mangosteen juice.....


mimosette - July 15

No. I haven't, but I just ordered supplements, and there was one with pectin in it under the fibro category so I ordered it.


ladyingreen2222 - August 22

The best natural remedy for fibromyalgia for me has been a vegetarian diet (lacto-ovo) and water therapy. I find much relief in water whether it's a bath, a hot tub or a pool; it takes all the pressure off the tender points and allows you to move with relatively little pain. This is how I began my exercise program. I had to start very slowly but now I exercise in a simple backyard pool. I use a float so my legs are suspended and can move freely and I am now up to an hour each day.
Now, I am strong enough to use a Nordic track bike and exercise on that for another hour a day.
The exercise really helps the pain. I am 61 years old and never exercised regularly before so believe me this really helps. Hope this helps some of you.


m.e. - August 23

This sounds interesting. I was just wondering if you have to worry about the sugar content aggravating everything. Just wondering since I hear no fruit juices and less sugar with fibro. But I will try anything to make this better!


mimosette - August 24

I was a vegetarian for 3 or so years, and did horribly. My dr ordered me to EAT SOME MEAT ! LOL. I did gradually feel better as I slowly introduced meat back into my diet, but it was really gross after being off of it for so long.


crafter8 - August 24

after doing much research, i decided to self-heal myself with herbs and a vegetarian diet. i can't say it helps, but it couldn't hurt. I strictly eat fruits and veggies, no lactose or sugar, no soda, juices. For my herbs, i take B12, calcium , magnesium, zinc, anad a cranberry supplement. I am going to include the malic acid but you can get this thru apples.



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